Senator Stacey Campfield (Tennessee)

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I recently read the below article describing Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield comments regarding HIV. I was so disturbed by his comments that I chose to write the following email: Dear Senator: While I am not a constituent of your state, I felt compelled to email you upon reading your comments which were posted on It is people like yourself that help spread the ignorance and intolerance of HIV.  I, like yourself, believed much of what you said in relation to risk.  However, I have since learned otherwise of my ill-conceived notions. I am a heterosexual woman, have not been promiscuous and have never participated in IV drug use.  I was raised in a middle-class, Republican home with strong Christian beliefs.  I left my small hometown and ventured onto college, earning three college degrees.  I began a career (in state government, might I add), married and became pregnant.  During routine blood work related to my pregnancy, I was found to be HIV positive. I was shocked to learn of my diagnosis, I had the classic American upbringing.  I was a "good girl." still happened to me.  It is people like yourself  that continue to breed ignorance of risk..  All people, regardless of sexuality, are at risk for HIV by participating in sex.  I only wish that I had learned sooner rather than later. I hope that as a public figure, that of which people respect and admire, you can find the words to apologize for your comments.




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Dear Katie, although I had not heard the senator's comment (here in Canada), I want to congratulate you for taking action and requesting an apology from the senator. BRAVO!

courage and peace to you! Gisele


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Oh my goodness sterotyping will never combat this disease, I also was married educated and a non drug user and am HIV pos there are many wonderful women, mothers out there who are living with HIV. Thank goodness for your strenght and willingness to stand up to and hopefully educate this ignorance. No matter who you are your orientation sexually or gender anyone who has sex is at risk of HIV...Bless Katie. x


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Katie, congratulations for standing up. I too wrote him an email. I would love to hear him apologize to the world for his ignorance but I doubt we will ever hear that. It amazes me how many people do not have the facts.



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you did well gal, some of this politicians are the most foolish human beings on this planet


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since then,i dont think the governor loves life on earth..she will realise that what happens to someone else today,might happen to someone else tomorrow,even though there might be no own risk taking..but just the risk of being man...never hate being human beings,human beings are not that strong,and therefore,they must thank GOD,in jesus name.i just wish i discovered aids drug..because i can also get it in future if not today,we just hope for the better.

daudi...obama barack
tv(TAMBUA VILLAGE,GIMARAKWA)hamisi,vihiga,kenya.


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