Senator Stacey Campfield (Tennessee) - Part 2

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Well I received a reply to my email from Senator Campfield, it was disappointing to say the least.  My initial email to Senator Campfield was my first attempt at any type of political activism for HIV.  Unfortunately, his emailed reply was certainly not an apology.  It was clearly a "copy and paste" answer that he must be sending to many people who have written to him.  The email essential quoted many misleading facts to "support" his position.  Honestly, I believe he has manipulated some facts and figures to fit his position.  He most certainly did not apologize or waiver on his stance. At first, I was very saddened after reading his reply.  I felt hurt and defeated.  But after some reflection on my part, I realized that I will not be able to please everyone.  I simply cannot make everyone agree with my opinion or even to view the facts as they are intended.  I finally understood what so many others must feel in their challenge for equality and acceptance, rather it be your race, sexuality, religion or even HIV status. However, this will not end my fight in educating more people about HIV.  While Senator Campfield was not receptive, someone else will be.  As I stated in an earlier blog, this year, I plan to give more to the HIV community and raise awareness.  I hope to be able to share a success story soon, but until then, I will not be defeated and I will continue my fight!




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Mr. Lulasa,

Senator Campfield is a male.


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senator campfield should live life on real time and be a good listener..she should be aware of osama bin ladens death..or else she might lose votes and mislead her people even when she doesnt mean to!!.

lulasa..(obama barack)
tv(TAMBUA VILLAGE,GIMARAKWA)hamisi,vihiga,kenya.


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thanxs for struggling even rome was not built in a day. we will reach there one day just keep on hoping and fighting the just course



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