Violence against women and kids

Submitted on Jul 26, 2013 by  Helenanangombe

How do people claim to love women and their kids when they abuse them? That’s a question I keep asking myself but I never got the right answer for it and it really needs one good answer. Most of the stories I write are about things that personally touch me and that I went through but no matter how hard things have been, I always manage to walk away. That’s why I call myself a strong young woman and I am proud of myself and want to see all young people  feel proud of themselves. This is not about me anymore but it’s about all of us who are touched by this and who are willing to hold hands together and end this at once.

Women are loving and caring people but I do not understand why abusers do not see that and appreciate them. Women are being insulted and beaten in front of their kids every day, everywhere worldwide. The child’s mind will never be okay seeing his/her mum beaten every day and most of the time kids who see that end up thinking it’s the right thing to do, which is not okay for anybody’s child in life. I am a young woman who was in an abusive relationship for four years and I am proudly writing this with a smile on my face happy that I managed to walk out. It was not easy to walk away because it’s always hard for women to walk away from their abuser. Whoever is reading this, and if you are in that situation, please tell yourself that you still have a good life without that person because he/she is not the reason you are living for. Talking from experience,  it’s not easy but with the support of people who really love and care for you, it is possible and trust me, you will feel good and proud of yourself when you get yourself out. Just close your eyes and think of how beautiful you are and walk away because that’s a decision you have to make on your own. I know that most  women let themselves  stay in this situation because of poverty. I can only say that I fully understand you but find something to do as women and walk away because if even if a man is a bread winner in the family, it does not mean he has all the right to abuse anyone. We all have rights as human being but not the right to make each other’s a life in hell. No matter how poor anyone can be, the fact remains that we all have rights. Women are vulnerable to everything because many are not well educated or have no income but that should not be the reason for letting yourself down. Be a dreamer and always think positive.

It’s always a wise idea to talk to people who listen to you than think that keeping quiet is the best talk to people to get advice. Talking to each other is the only way we can end this violence and help other women who are in this situation. Women, no matter how much you think you love your abuser you must walk away because they do not deserve it. I know there are still women who are suffering and do not know who to talk to or how to get out, but having self-confidence is all that one needs and know that you are not alone in this. There are many people who have been in that situation and now they are out and they are now together, fighting for violence against women to come to an end. Some of them are writing stories to let the world know that they are not happy with violence against women and kids and they will fight to end and help others, while some women have support groups where they meet and encourage each other. If you get yourself in here, know that you are not alone in this because we are one big family hoping for a better tomorrow for all. Talk to you soon- I will be posting more.


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