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Hello! I'm Kenya. I'm 28 years old, married, I have three daughters, and yes, I am HIV positive. I was diagnosed four years ago, and I'm still standing, fighting, moving forward, and even with all the stones along my upward path, my tireless feet continue to climb! But it wasn't always like this...
Submitted on Oct 4, 2022
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¡Hola! Soy Kenya, de 28 años de edad, casada, con 3 hijas, y sí, soy VIH positiva. Hace 4 años fue que me detectaron y sigo en pie, luchando, dándole para adelante, con muchas piedras en cuesta arriba de mi camino, ¡pero con unos pies incansables para seguir subiendo! Aunque, no siempre fue así...
Submitted on Oct 4, 2022
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Era 1985 y tenía 21 años cuando el presidente Ronald Reagan anunció al mundo el principio de una nueva enfermedad: GRID o inmunodeficiencia asociada a la homosexualidad, más tarde conocida como síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida o SIDA. Recuerdo específicamente haber escuchado las palabras "asociada a la homosexualidad", así que, claro, pensé que no tenía nada de qué preocuparme.
Submitted on Sep 30, 2022
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It was 1985, I was 21 years old and President Ronald Reagan announced to the world the genesis of a new disease; G.R.I.D. or the Gay Related Immune Disorder, later known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. I specifically recall hearing the words 'gay-related' so of course I thought I had nothing to worry about.
Submitted on Sep 30, 2022
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How to touch on this subject. The smiles feel like sugar. Validation is the aid in self esteem, essentially the acceptance in validation grows inner strength.
Submitted on Aug 17, 2022
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I practice getting in my own way like it's an artform. Sometimes, when things seem to be going really smoothly, I experience this sense of uneasiness like I'm waiting for the next trauma to unravel in front of me like a red carpet.
Submitted on Jul 11, 2022
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The pain in her eyes, the love in her smile. She makes a room move, her energy is just that smooth. She has gave till she can't give, she has loved till she wants to stop, but that is not optional.
Submitted on Jun 9, 2022
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I think my knees gave out and I stopped breathing all together, but it's so hard to remember what exactly happened next. I know that I asked for confirmation, "So, you're telling me that it's true… that I really do have HIV?" She replied quickly and apologetically, "Yes, I am so sorry."
Submitted on May 9, 2022
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Wonder Woman, don't let HIV stand in your way! Continue to live positively, like many of us are already doing for ages. WE are strong and Powerful. I am sending my love and positive vibes to you, wherever you are in this World.
Submitted on Apr 15, 2022
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When friends whom I trusted stabbed me in the back; the friends whom I call my own started to distance away just because I didn't have money in my pockets; the friends whom I loved as "friends" took advantage of me...
Submitted on Mar 3, 2022


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