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"I Am Sick as Hell" That was the Facebook memory that popped up for me recently. Seeing that memory reminded me that at that point in time my body was being attacked by HIV and I did not know it yet...

Submitted on Feb 4, 2020

Before discovering my diagnosis, I first found out about God and his son Jesus. They together came and got me before I knew I needed to be saved. Before I lose you, let me explain what I mean by this...

Submitted on Jan 13, 2020

Living with HIV for the past 12 years has been full of ups and downs.

Submitted on Sep 24, 2019

I remember the first 10 minutes after I hit upload from my phone to tell the whole world of YouTube that I had been living with HIV. I was so nervous, happy, scared and free. I know - a lot of...

Submitted on Sep 19, 2019

Health is wealth is the age old saying. I think that saying means that the healthier you are the wealthier your body feels. It also reiterates that we have to do what's necessary to reach the "wealth"...

Submitted on Jun 12, 2019

Why we cannot forget? I remember when I was first diagnosed with HIV I learned about being undetectable. I was so excited about the word in itself. It meant I almost didn’t have it. I had also read...

Submitted on May 2, 2019

About 10 years ago I sat in a dorm room playing the words the man said to me a few hours earlier, "Your HIV test came back positive". What did that even mean? All I could think at the time was death...

Submitted on Apr 30, 2019

My name is Nakeisa Jackson and I am 30 years old. At age 19, I was diagnosed with HIV.

Submitted on Mar 15, 2019

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