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Discovering my HIV diagnosis was an unexpected turn that reshaped my life's trajectory. Initially, it felt like the ground had shifted beneath me, leaving me disoriented and vulnerable. Questions, fears, and doubts flooded in, but within this chaos emerged a resolve to confront this new reality head-on.

It was a pivotal moment that forced me to reassess my life, priorities, and most importantly, my relationship with myself. I realised that the journey to self-love was essential, not just as a response to my diagnosis, but as a fundamental need for my well-being. Continue reading...

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Submitted by ConnieLJohnson

I'm loving everything about this post! As a woman living with HIV who has been trekking down this self-love path, I can appreciate every sentiment expressed. These sentences so beautifully encapsulates my experience as well...

"My journey with HIV has been a catalyst for personal growth, an unexpected teacher that led me to the profound realisation that self-love isn't just about affirmations and self-care rituals. It's about embracing one's truth, finding strength in vulnerability, and allowing oneself to flourish despite life's challenges."

Thank you for authentically describing this journey. Congratulations! Your love discovery is confirmation that mine is en route!


I am so glad you resonate with what i wrote.  It was 10 years in the making.  The stigma i faced was self stigma - and it was a long road i had take to realise it.  Its my life purpose to support people living with HIV partiuclar around yoga and self love. Thank you for your comments x


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