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Submitted on Dec 4, 2023 by  Aunty Lou's House

Louise and her partner jumping the broom on their wedding day.

Discovering my HIV diagnosis was an unexpected turn that reshaped my life's trajectory. Initially, it felt like the ground had shifted beneath me, leaving me disoriented and vulnerable. Questions, fears, and doubts flooded in, but within this chaos emerged a resolve to confront this new reality head-on.

It was a pivotal moment that forced me to reassess my life, priorities, and most importantly, my relationship with myself. I realised that the journey to self-love was essential, not just as a response to my diagnosis, but as a fundamental need for my well-being.

This path toward self-love wasn't linear or easy. It demanded introspection, patience, and a conscious effort to unravel years of self-doubt and societal stigmatisation. I immersed myself in self-care practices, seeking therapy, exploring meditation, and nurturing hobbies that brought me joy. Slowly, I began to understand that my diagnosis did not define my worth or dictate my future.

Through this process, I found strength in vulnerability.

Embracing my HIV status became a cornerstone of my identity, but not in a limiting or negative sense. It became a symbol of resilience, courage, and authenticity. I learned to navigate the complexities of disclosure, choosing whom to confide in while prioritising my mental and emotional well-being.

As I delved deeper into self-discovery, I recognised that loving myself meant embracing my flaws and imperfections without judgment. It meant acknowledging the moments of self-doubt and fear while choosing self-compassion. I learned to celebrate victories, no matter how small, and forgive setbacks, understanding that growth is a continual journey.

Amidst this transformation, I unexpectedly found love. Meeting someone who embraced me wholly, including my HIV status, was a revelation. Their genuine acceptance reinforced the self-worth I had cultivated. Together, we embarked on a partnership built on understanding, respect, and shared values. Our decision to marry was a testament not only to our love but to my journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

My journey with HIV has been a catalyst for personal growth, an unexpected teacher that led me to the profound realisation that self-love isn't just about affirmations and self-care rituals. It's about embracing one's truth, finding strength in vulnerability, and allowing oneself to flourish despite life's challenges.


Louise and her partner on their wedding day.

In this union, I found not just a partner, but a companion who walked alongside me as I embraced my journey toward self-love. Our marriage became a celebration of resilience, love, and the unwavering belief that true empowerment begins with self-acceptance.


If you are someone living with HIV, click my link to discover how to Thrive With HIV.

Submitted by Red40something

Congrats! My heart sings for you. You are such an amazing woman I've no doubt he is a really good man to have captured your heart and attention. Its so important we see ourselves reflected in love as the whole of who we are and I am happy for you. 

Love and Light. 


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