This page is created specially for Indian population living with HIV/AIDS, but ALL are welcome. India being a culturalized country and mainly orthodox, no one knows where to go, whom to ask/ approach in need of help/care/comfort. Thus here is this support group, where u will feel loved, cared, wanted and even increase your knowledge regarding the disease and help spread awareness that having HIV now is just like living with any other disease , i.e Plague and Typhoid that was once dreaded before. 
Please be warned that this is only a support group, NOT a dating site.Before you join this group, few things has to be kept in mind :

1) This page is for everybody irrespective of caste, creed, religion living with HIV.
2) English or Hindi will be the preferable language to help other people also understand what is being written. Please restrict the use of local language as far as possible to help make people from other states feel the part of this group.
3) Any profanity use of words or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated. Avoid using curse words or gaalis.
4) Administrators of this group has sole rights to remove the post as he/she deems fit. The mail will be sent to the person exclaiming why it was removed, the person should hereby respect it keeping in mind the sensitivity of other people in the group.
5) Spammers and Denialists are hereby requested not to join. This page is NOT for advertising reasons. People seen with wrong cause/reason will be straightaway expelled/banned from this group.
6) Please avoid politicing this issue. Politics and Disease dont mix.


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Hi, My Dad lives in Navi...

My Dad lives in Navi Mumbai India and he is HIV patient for few years now. He was doing very good till now. Recently he develop bladder infection and he has to go through a surgery. I am looking for a home care for him, who can help him anyway he can. Unfortunately I do not stay in India. Can anyone get me connected with a help/care person?

List of personalities of...

List of personalities of Jharkhand

Couldn't be more than humbled to see my name being featured in the list of prominent people from #Jharkhand. (Don't know why it didn't feature the description though)

#KeepChasingYourDreams #FollowingTheHeart #ReachingOut #EducateEngageEmpower #HIVgoals #HIVactivism #TheWellProject


INVITING ONE AND ALL : International AIDS Candlelight Memorial (Iacm India)
The Candlelight Memorial began in 1983 during a time of confusion and misconception about a mysterious disease sweeping the gay community in San Francisco in the United States. Knowing they would die within the year and with no political support, four young men – Bobbi Campbell, Bobby Reynolds, Dan Turner and Mark Feldman – decided to put a...

Reach out/Connect to me....

Reach out/Connect to me..

For people in India ( and of course, ANYWHERE in the world), who want to reach out to me and connect, to talk and share about problems and find a solution, am available both in Facebook as well as eMail...though a small teeny-tiny request : LEAVE IN THE MESSAGE ( instead of "waiting" for me to be online, on chat - leaving in the message is...

What does this picture show...

What does this picture show? Two women laughing away to glory without a care in the world. That is what it look from outside. From "inside" we are women who had faced lot of pain, who had lost our loved ones, who struggled our way to be where we are today amidst ‪#‎stigma‬ and ‪#‎discrimination‬. We are ‪#‎woman‬ of style and substance - we are the ‪#‎survivors‬, ‪#‎warriors‬, the ‪#‎visionaries‬...

Positively Yours :) :*If...

Positively Yours :) :*

If you don't like something, CHANGE it. If you can't change it, then change your THINKING ----- Mary Angelou

Similarly, change the way one think about HIV. Time have changed, medicines have advanced and people living with HIV can lead a healthier, better and longer life.
Be an EXAMPLE. Be the change YOURSELF. ❤️❤️❤️

#HIVempowerment #PositivelyYours #LoveInTheTimeOfHIV

8 Tips to Help Create a Positive Mental Attitude

1. You are powerful.


What we are is far greater, far superior, far more important, and far more mysterious than our mind tries to define. This is why we are far more powerful than we think we are. We are MORE POWERFUL than THE VIRUS itself.


2. Embrace life.

Let go and embrace the moment, whether it contains an obstacle or an opportunity. Stop fussing over small matters...

Hi Jyoti,I would like to...

Hi Jyoti,
I would like to start by telling that how inspired I am by this amazing work you are doing for spreading the awareness about HIV and ending the stigma related to it and spreading the positive outlook among PLWHA. I recently got diagnosed and past few days have been nothing but horrible, but your posts have really given me the courage and hope that all is not...


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HIV and Relationship <3

HIV and Relationship When I am in a relationship, I give it my 100%, totally investing in it. But if it doesn’t work, nothing else will, no matter how hard you try. You cannot move ahead with something when there is no hope or try to fix the crack when there are no amends. We were probably not meant to be together. When you have to go away from someone...

TEDx : Vignan University,...

TEDx : Vignan University, Guntur

This story tells about the how life can be transformed after going through a string of criticism. The story of Jyoti Dhawale inspires us to change our life's plight into something worthy of adoration. Though, the idea of "Everything starts with criticism" was inspired by the Lamborghini evolution, this story has proved to be one of its kind. Jyothi Dhawale (a.k.a JoDha) so warmly admits...

Need helpI have been...

Need help
I have been recently diagnosed positive. As I was unable to take any decisions due to shock a friend took me to Government IcTC and they started my treatment with ART. I want to know whether government hospitals are good for hiv treatment in India or do I need to switch to some private doctor ? They have given me tenofovir combination one pill a day. Is...

Positive Short Stories

"If you want to commit suicide, please do so OUTSIDE the house. I don't want to be embroiled in such a shit", her ex threatened.

Now, Jyoti Dhawale, aka JoDha is helping millions have a new hope for life, come out of their suicidal depression and despair and #LivePositively with HIV.

#LoveLife #SuicideNOTanOption #HIVempowerment #LoveInTimeOfHIV #LivingWithHIV #PositiveStories #RealPeopleRealStories

Real People Real Stories


I have battled rejection and betrayal
That doesn't stop me from falling in love again 

I have handled depression, violence and suicide
Now, no demon can ever defeat me

I have known loneliness and sadness
Still I find happiness in my solitude

I have been hated, shunned, ostracised
But still my heart is full of love and above all, understanding 

I can be very forgiving 


Why ID(adhar card)...

Why ID(adhar card) mandatory in art centers?
@mumbaiyagirl hey jyoti happy Diwali. I visited clinic for tests. But I came to know they ask adhar card . I was in delimma to provide that. As that may open up my identy to everyone. And at this time I don't want to open up. Second now if they have it. Do they contact my parents.

Why ID(adhar card)...

Why ID(adhar card) is mandatory in art centers?
@mumbaiyagirl hey jyoti happy Diwali. I visited clinic for tests. But I came to know they ask adhar card. I was in delimma to provide that. As that may open up my identy to everyone. And at this time I don't want to open up. Second now if they have it. Do they contact my parents.

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