Hey…. So I’m just wanting...

Hey…. So I’m just wanting an ear I got my test results back and my c4 levels went down and viral load went up a little. I cried but all my dr said was I am still undetected so I’m good. Noooooo what am I doing wrong… I feel horrible man ugg

Just needing a ear and a friend



Submitted by karma-chi

Are you taking your meds the same time daily? If not, mark your calendar when you do take it. Place memos on your fridge, phone, and pillow.

Submitted by Red40something

I had acid reflux for a while on my first regimen. Thank goodness it passed and got better. Prayerfully, yours will too. What methods have you tried for the vomiting? If it only started after taking the new pills, it may be time to consider a change. I KNOW that can be a tough call since I personally hate changing, however, medications should be tolerable. They all have side effects, but they should be manageable.
If that's not an option right now, maybe making sure you take them with food, changing the time of day you take them, or asking for am antiemetic (anti nausea) pill in a low dose could help.

Submitted by Newtothis21

I haven’t tried anything I just get sick and pray for an ending. I have an appt with my dr tomorrow so we will see if she changes my meds. When I was taking biktarvy I was fine but it was making me gain so much weight


My sister status change from hiv to aids today and I’ve been up all night wondering if there any way she will live pass five years with her status being aids now. Could some one please answer Iam going crazy I know she’s going to pass I just don’t know if people with aids not hiv live pass five year being I don’t know anybody with full aids


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