Hi so I’m new to this I’ve...

Hi so I’m new to this I’ve been diagnosed for 8 years and I’ve been struggling with self-love, confidence and being judged by people I let my guard down with.

Just needing a ear and a friend



Submitted by Red40something

Thank you for reaching out and sharing how you feel. Its not easy to do. You are definitely not alone, and your feelings are valid. Totally willing to have a conversation with you if you'd like, and I'm sure some of the other women will too. Feel free to repy or send a message if you'd like to talk, 

Submitted by Chev

Thank for responding and being someone I can connect with. It feels so much better knowing that im not alone in this. It's been an uphill battle for me.


Submitted by IeshiaDKScott

Life is a journey, add in an HIV diagnosis and it just complicates our life even more. Most often emotionally and mentally, rather than physically. Have you connected to any online support groups/networks on FB? Would love to connect you to private groups, if you allow. 



Submitted by Chev

Yes this is very true, I would like to connect with HIV support groups but I don't have Facebook. 

Submitted by The Well Project

Welcome, Chev. We're so glad you found our online community - and this group!

I'd like to encourage you also to join our A Girl Like Me online group. Countless women benefit from the support and connection from this phenomenal group of women! If you'd like, I'll send you an invite.

Submitted by boseolotu

You are welcome Chev, and it great to have you here with us.

We are who we are HIV and AIDS do not and should never define us, because we are stronger together as women living with and affected by the AIDS virus.

Please dearest love you self more, because you are the most important person in any relationship.

Do take good care of yourself and stay well and healthy.
Sending you light and love.


Submitted by Chev

Thank you for the kind words it's really nice to hear it's been a really rough year my family uses my diagnosis against me to make me feel inadequate and flawed beyond repair 

Submitted by Red40something

All humans are flawed, but not in the way your family would have you believe.I'm sorry (and angry) they are not being more understanding and supportive. 

You are worthy, you are still you, and you are definitely still deserving of the good things this life has to offer. You matter. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. I strongly reccommend you connect yourself to a community ( like this one :0) who can serve to remind you that HIV is a condition and a circumstance, not who or what you are!!!

Submitted by KatieAdsila

Hello friend, please know that you're not alone and in good company here, many of us have felt similarly and been stigmatized by our family and friends, it hurts I know, but I eventually found it to be a blessing of sorts, because HIV is one of those things that will surely reveal who you're true friends are, or family for that matter, I don't have time for anyone who can't respect me and treat me with dignity, and I'm lacking nothing, I have found friends and family of choice in this community that have made up tenfold anything I've lost, you deserve to be loved and respected, by yourself included. I think you've come to the right place, I hope you feel welcome here.. with love and respect ?

Submitted by kmartel

welcome, Chev, to The Well Project/A Girl Like Me community. We are here for you however and whenever you would like to connect. Please do read through some of the blogs, and join the A Girl Like Me group. If you would like to be connected to anyone directly, you can email me at kmartel@thewellproject.org, and I am happy to make those connections privately. I see that you are not on Facebook, but in case you are on Instagram, you can also find us there @thewellprojecthiv. We also are on youtube @thewellprojecthiv --and you can watch a lot of video conversations on different topics that also might help you to feel less alone. Once a month, we also have an interactive video conversation (A Girl Like Me LIVE) that you can tune into either via FB or YouTube (and can watch and/or comment anonymously if you would like). There is one today at 12 pm ET featuring women living with HIV and their mothers--and talking about how they navigated their HIV diagnosis. <3 

Submitted by PDEES

Healing is a lifelong process for someone like me who has been through a lot of trauma. I was just backed into a wall last year, where my anxiety and ptsd became so bad... and what I was experiencing in my life that was causing me to be anxious and triggering my trauma made me seek out help... Through Therapy.

Through therapy I am learning how to set better boundaries and do a better job at protecting my peace. 


You gotta be very particular about the environments that you are subjecting yourself to. Being surrounded by the wrong people/ the wrong energy will make you forget your worth ❤️‍?✨??‍♀️

Feel free to follow my Instagram @porchia_shannae... I post thing about Self Love and Self Care all the time. Much Love and light to you.


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