So very sry my ladies, plz...

So very sry my ladies, plz forgive my absents. I am myself once again I am whole there has been lots of loss in my family on both sides, one of my babies turned 18 yay and my health hit the worst time sents the beginning of my B12 road.
Newtothis21- the way I handle my meds is every day at 9:30 p.m. is my meds time and also bedtime for my kids so all the alarms go off in my house, maybe give that a try I even keep back up meds in my car my husband's car and in the bathroom in case iI can't move from the shower or I can't get out the bed I also have a one-person that knows everything and that helped more than anything else just to get it out every now and then I do cry about it, but he helps me no matter how bad and I've been having fibro attacks more in the last 2months even had to have the doctor visit my home.
We all have that one thing that makes the world seem stress-free when I'm in that mood i like to think of when me and my husband met or my kids first days of life and i relize there is so much more to me than this sadness that i acn't shake or the one part of me that wants to always cry. I LOVE ME AND THE PPL WHO KEEP ME GOING this is what me & my family say to each other every day just to make sure no one is feeling sad or alone we say those words and we smile well we make a silly face so that we all can share in a good laugh but we came up with this so that when I'm in pain or sad my kids can see me smile. Try just say those very words to yr self motivate yr self know that the ppl that love u rather they know or not will always find a way to make u smile just try to think of what they would say to help u feel better.
You are the best at being u don't let B12 win. also drink natural spring water, eat less garlic, try drinking 4 bottles of water a day, maybe even work out. I walk and read.

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