Is this a support group...

Is this a support group where we can talk to one another. I am falling deeper and deeper into depression during this covid time. I really need people to zoom talk with or to connect with via the phone, I know my sisters can help me. Please contact me at 9417397905 as I can not afford to replace my cell at this time( 40dollars) that is a landline, I hope to hear from my sisters Thank you in advance.I know someone is out there . I love all you all do for our community .

Support Group




Hello Sister Angel.
I have been where you are. You will be fine because you done the most important thing ASKING. You are an inspirational to me. Most people shy away on using the depression wording. I am peer supporter in my community. You may not be living in New Zealand but where there is a need there is a way.
If you are able to use messsger I would like you to be in my peer-to-peer suport services. Its free to all PLHIV. Get intouch Sophie Mubvumbi-Jayawardene on face book. For your own safety do ref check with the Wellproject administration.
Noone should Suffer alone.
Much love

Submitted by boseolotu

Dearest sister,
Thank you so much for reaching and looking out for our sister.
I am so glad we can give each other the strength and courage we need in our struggling and challenging time.

Submitted by Red40something

Reached out and called but the gentleman who answered said you weren't home. You may contact me on insta it snapchat @sosaidred
If you have a way to call or text I'm happy to leave my number.
Be well and blessed. You are not alone.

Submitted by boseolotu

You are so amazing! May God Almighty always look out for you too. I am encouraged and glad to be part of this group.

Submitted by boseolotu

Like I said to my two beautiful sisters who commented in this blog.
I am super grateful, that you can open up and cry out for help.
I know that in USA you pay for everything and every services you received.
I thank The Well Project for giving us all this great opportunity and privilege to be vulnerable and speak out about our challenges and fear on this platform.
I am so glad and happy that you can and we'll get all the help you need at this challenging time of COVID.
Breaking the Silence is also one big way to overcome stress and depression.
I for one always speak to someone when I am so desperately in need.
So I am saying sister we got you okay!
Sending you light and Love.

Submitted by JoDha

Hi. I initially thought it was an Indian number as here any number that start with 91 is mostly Indian. But then I noticed the dollar in the bracket. Ahhh.
Hope you got help and connected to rhe best of all those who are in The Well Project. I am based in India and I am also available, more in Facebook in case you want to reach out to me for instant connetion <3 (you can drop me a message on FB Messenger : Jyoti Janak Dhawale)


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