View Webinar: The Well Project: Building Hope and Leadership Among Women Living with HIV


Webinar occurred on March 9, 2018

The Well Project: Building Hope and Leadership Among Women Living with HIV is the first in our WATCH! 2018 treatment advocacy webinar series. In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD), the webinar provided an in-depth look at The Well Project’s comprehensive resources and how they can be leveraged to build knowledge and leadership skills, how they can be used to educate and advocate for others, and how they can support community building. This session also addressed ways that emerging leaders can leverage social media in their advocacy. The webinar included the following speakers:

  • Krista Martel, excutive director, The Well Project
  • Maria Mejia, global ambassador, community advisory board, A Girl Like Me blogger, The Well Project
  • Tiommi Luckett, communications coordinator, community advisory board, A Girl Like Me blogger, The Well Project

Webinar Recording, Slides, and Evaluation Survey

  • Click here to download the PDF slides presented during the webinar
  • Click here to take the webinar evaluation survey



The WATCH! 2018 treatment advocacy series will consist of 3-4 webinars throughout the year. The Well Project will issue certificates of completion upon request for each 1.5 hour webinar to participants who attend the live webinar or view recording.

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