The Well Project Leadership Exchange Episode 1: Ciarra Covin and Celeste Watkins-Hayes, PhD


Ciarra Covin and Celeste Watkins-Hayes, PhD – August 2020

Check out the first Well Project Leadership Exchange between our community advisory board (CAB) member Ciarra Covin and WRI member and sociologist Celeste Watkins-Hayes, PhD. Ciarra joined The Well Project in 2019 as an A Girl Like Me blogger, became a CAB member in 2020, and is the owner of Healing is Voluntary. Celeste is a member of our Women’s Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) whose work has focused on Black women and HIV and the HIV safety net and the author of Remaking a Life: How Women Living with HIV/AIDS Confront Inequality. Ciarra became interested in speaking with Celeste after seeing her plenary presentation at AIDS 2020.

The Well Project Leadership Exchange is a new series connecting thoughtleaders in the HIV community to explore one another's work, activism, and personal experiences. This series will bring together cis and trans women and others who uplift women's voices across the HIV community in dialogue. Please join us for this remarkable series as we look to find new ways to connect leaders and learn from one another during these unusual and challenging times. 

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