The Well Project Leadership Exchange Episode 2: Masonia Traylor and Vignetta Charles, PhD


Masonia Traylor and Vignetta Charles, PhD – September 2020

The next in our series of The Well Project Leadership Exchange features a discussion between our community advisory board (CAB) member Masonia Traylor and our board member Vignetta Charles, PhD. Masonia joined The Well Project in 2017 as a CAB member and began blogging for A Girl Like Me in 2018, and is the owner of Lady BurgAndy. Vignetta became a member of our Board of Directors in 2019 and is the Chief Executive Officer at ETR. This session focuses on the work that both of these leaders do to help foster leadership among others and lift up the voices and experiences of youth.

The Well Project Leadership Exchange is a new series connecting thoughtleaders in the HIV community to explore one another's work, activism, and personal experiences. This series will bring together cis and trans women and others who uplift women's voices across the HIV community in dialogue. Please join us for this remarkable series as we look to find new ways to connect leaders and learn from one another during these unusual and challenging times.

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