WRI 2003 - Identifying Gaps and Controversies in Research on Women and HIV

Submitted on Sep 28, 2014


The 2003 Women and HIV Think Tank meeting was the first of its kind convened by The Well Project, an organization formed in 2001, dedicated to reducing the total human cost of the AIDS pandemic through a unique focus on women.

The Think Tank was designed to identify the gaps and controversies in research on women and HIV, develop research questions, and consolidate Pharma Advisory Board meetings without excluding industry from interaction and feedback. This goal was intentionally broad allowing the participants to determine what the needs are rather than imposing a specific focus on the group. The invitees and participants represented a diverse body of expertise ranging from microbiology to epidemiology and basic research to clinical management. All of the participants impact research (from funding to implementation) or manage women with HIV in a clinical setting, with a significant percentage doing both. Please scroll down for a list of 2003 participants.

The Well Project pledged to broadly disseminate this Think Tank Meeting Summary Report, actively seek interest in the list of research questions, and develop additional educational materials based on the findings of the first Women and HIV Think Tank meeting.

For the full 2003 meeting report, please click the link below.

2003 Women and HIV Think Tank Participants

Kathryn Anastos, MD 
Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Judith D. Auerbach, PhD 
Vice President, Public Policy
Dawn Averitt Bridge 
The Well Project
Arlene Bardeguez, MD, MPH, FACOG 
Associate Professor, Director HIV
New Jersey Medical School, Department of OB-GYN
Gina Brown, MD 
Cicatelli Associates, Inc.
Terri Creagh, PhD 
Clinical and Epidemiologic Research 
Judith Currier, MD 
University of California Los Angeles Care Center 
Rebecca Denison 
Jeanne Dumestre, NP 
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Sharon Lee, MD 
Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care Center
Veronica Miller, PhD 
Forum for Collaborative HIV Research
Levonne Mitchell-Samon, MD 
University of Florida
Karin Nielsen, MD, MPH 
Associate Clinical Professor, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
UCLA Department of Pediatrics
Andrew Pavia, MD 
Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
University of Utah
Tonia Poteat, PA-C 
Grady Health System
Jennifer Trauscht VanHorne, MD 
Department of OB-GYN
University of Utah
Fulvia Veronese, PhD 
National Institutes of Health

Women and HIV Think Tank 2003 List of Pharmaceutical Representatives 

Susan Conner
Kay Mitzel


Christopher Dezii
Donne Newbury

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Keri Oberg
Boehringer Ingelheim

David Frey
Christina Hill-Zabala
Karen Moldt
Kim Williams




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