A travel enthusiast, a recent dog mom, foodie, a corporate worker, I entered a new phase of my life in 2019 when I got officially married to this virus (after my diagnosis). It was one of those nights filled with anxiety – a year after my diagnosis. Staying awake meant looking for what HIV has got to do with my life. Is there anyone like me? And the search was finally fruitful when I chanced upon reading about many women living not only with the virus but living with content.

Well, it's been two years since I have been living with it, with an undetectable viral load, however, a very low CD4 count that has been gradually increasing. Life's perfectly fine until a fear knocks upon my new door once in a while- fear of being stigmatised and looked down upon, fear of rejection, fear of being left out alone, fear of death and so on. I also want to stop thinking about my encounter with this virus - it just pushes me in a dreadful world, and want to look ahead to making every aspect of my life better. However, I have decided that I am going to live each day as it comes. I have my own version of Doris Day's "Que Sera Sera" running in my head.

Why PixiePower wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: I will try use this platform to stay inspired and inspire! Writing with an anonymous identity from the land of cultural diversity and spicy food, I am looking forward to share my thoughts and wishes with women like me and also learning from your experiences.

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