Fort Lauderdale
United States

Hello, my name is... Ieshia Scott. There are several dots NOT because I didn't want to use my name but because I was hesitant due to the many people who are NOT prepared for this day. There are many people who know I've been advocating and doing my part but are not emotionally ready for my public disclosure. I had to do this for me and I've taken a back seat for so long to comfort others. Unfortunately, in this moment I can no longer protect them from my truth. It's mine and it's time to love me out loud.

I am a 25-year old HIV positive and beautiful young woman. I live a healthy and happy life, while attending college as a full time student. I was diagnosed with HIV at birth. I came into this world with a disease that caused me much pain in my adolescent years but has made me triumphant as the adult I am today. I would like to fancy myself an advocate but I rally on a much smaller platform than those of you who I blog aside. I attend youth lectureships and camps. I speak at youth and young adult events as well.
Why Ieshia wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: Being part of A Girl Like Me was a no-brainer. As soon as the offer was extended to me, I immediately knew that it was something that I wanted to do. I have such high hopes of sharing my story and growing as an advocate and an inspirational individual. I want to help young women living with HIV understand that it is "OKay to Date" and to help them with ways of revealing their status to their sexual partner. I myself can attest that being able to share your status, no longer lingering in the dark, is a freeing feeling. Gratefully, being a minor with HIV I was exposed to a wonderful life through camping, mentorship and other opportunities and programs aimed at kids like me. Unfortunately, no one ever informed us of the harsh reality awaiting us. I wish there was someone who told me how, when, what, why and where to expose the disease that had seemingly consumed my life at the age of 17. Informing, dating and living free, is my sole purpose for being part of A Girl Like Me. I want to make it easier for the generations that come after me.