United States

My name is Angela Krebs and I have been HIV+ for almost 21 years. I am 37, married and have 2 children that were planned and are negative. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana.

I was searching for information on muscle pain and HIV, as I have HIV arthritis and constant body pain, and for some reason God took me to A Girl Like Me.  I have no friends that are HIV+ and as my struggle with my health begins to effect my everyday functioning, I feel alone.  I watched Maria Mejia's video blog and began to cry as I too was just a teenager when I was infected.  I was 16 and the guy I was involved with was 24 and lied to me and said he had cancer.  I later found out he had been diagnosed with AIDS 2 years prior to meeting me.  I stayed and watched him take his last breath at the age of 17.  I would never wish my experience on anyone.

Why Angela wants to be a part of A Girl Like Me: I hope I can be an encouragement to my fellow positive girls and I too be uplifted and not feel alone in my struggle through my "Life Sentence".