The weekend is almost over....

The weekend is almost over and as I sit here still drinking coffee in the middle of the afternoon, I am very thankful for the little things. The birds singing, the sun shining, my children laughing and my husband working in the garage. Everyone is healthy, even though my body hurts right now lol. HIV is like having asthma, sometimes you feel fine with it and sometimes you feel you can't catch your breath with it. That's when we grab our support, our "HIV inhalers", and just breath in the fresh air. I wanted to blog and share what I made over the weekend for a friend of mine's 1 year old daughter. I made 2 cakes. They were in the shape of lady bugs. I was so thrilled with them. I will have to see if I can send a picture to share. I worked all week on those cakes. I made chocolate candy flowers and chocolate candy butterflies that really made the cake "pop" and sat it all on rice krispy treat sheets I made. I am glad I gave myself all week to do a little at a time and not overdo it. It gave me something to look forward to and kept my mind off of my body pain when my pain meds weren't working. I tell myself, "See Angela, you may be hurting but you are functional", yes I talk to myself lol. That cake really helped me to see that I am still alive and breathing and that I need to continuing living and not dwell on my pain or any of the other silly things in my life. HIV is just something I get up with and go to bed with each day. I have been positive for over half my life now so it is not a big deal, until my doctor diagnoses me with something related to it. Now I have my dishes to look forward to and getting my house clean and livable again. Then tomorrow making sure my daughter is off to school on time. My son is finally finished with school!!!! He graduated early from high school. I gave him a necklace for his graduation present and told him that 18 years ago when I was trying to get pregnant with him, I had doctors tell me that I would not make it to see him graduate. He gave me a big hug and had a big smile on his face. Those doctors can go kiss a dead frog lol because I made it!!!!!! Doctors can be great but when some seem to think they can tell the future, it really aggravates me. Last I checked they were human just like me and not God, my creator. This is why I have been through 6 infectious disease doctors. I WILL NOT be judged by another imperfect human being. Science is great and has helped me to live as long as I have, but we as humans do not have all the answers. I have a doctor now that will listen to me and knows me and most of all does not judge me even if I tell him something he does not agree with. He is not only my doctor but also like a big brother to me. I am very thankful God gave him to me. He still doesn't make me happy sometimes, but he still listens to me and we talk things out. He even takes into consideration my weight when he prescribes my medicine. There have been women that have died because doctors have given the same dose to a woman that weighs 100 lbs that they do to a 250 lbs man. Then they wonder why the woman doesn't handle the medicine very well. Enough with me complaining and dancing on my opinonated soap box lol. My point here is that please, if you don't have a doctor that you feel comfortable with and will listen to you, FIND ONE that will. Also as I end my blog for today, if you have not seen Maria's video blog you HAVE to watch it. She is like the superhero for A Girl Like Me. She is so inspiring and so precious. Her spirit shines nothing but love. She is an excellent activist for all of us and teaching those that are negative that it is so important to be safe and to think before acting. I send her much love. I am falling in love with this whole "blogging" thing and can feel myself growing close to all of you that have responded to my intro bio. This site is so awesome. See God is good :), I hope everyone is doing FANTABULOUS and shares in my joy with the story of my son. If you ever need an "HIV inhaler" I am here. Happy Breathing lol Ang




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aww ty so much sweety for posting my video about my can find many more about diff things relating to Hiv/Aids in youtube...just google maria mejia or maria t mejia..I really am humbled that you would think of me as a hero! btw welcome to the family! add me on facebook maria hiv mejia

Love and Light



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even the healthiest have mood swings and just the change of flows and feelings of and in our body..just like nature,our body can feel the heat and the next time its the cold,but its never abnormality for such things to happen..

LULASA..Obama barack


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Thanks for your blog today. What I loved about it is it was a perfect mix of HIV reflection, major milestone (conrats on your son's graduation) and just day to day life. The cakes are darling.

All my best,



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Keep writing on , Angela, my fellow blogger! :) There are times when I read EVERYONE's blog and place myself in their situation to "feel" how they feel.


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Your story really inspired me.



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in my walk in this life i have known what to overlook.that do not include people like you,people i can identify with.thanks for the masterpiece and i am waiting for


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thank you all for replying!!! :)


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