United States

My name is Nitanita. I’m California-born and raised, 55 years old, Black, single, and have two adult kids and two grandkids. I'm a professional currently working in field of behavioral/mental health and recovery for over 25 years. I earned my bachelor’s of science degree in human services in 2016, and I'm currently earning my master's in counseling of psychology, towards my license in marriage and family therapy.

My goal is to have my own practice and to work with women of color in getting past, and living past the STIGMA and TRAUMA of an HIV diagnosis. There are still women out here dying in depression and in silence from the stigma. I hold a very strong desire to be an advocate in FIGHTING THE STIGMA of HIV at the highest level possible.

Why Nitanita wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: My world changed I was diagnosed with HIV in February, 2007, after having lost my mother in August, 2006. I fell into the deepest depression for years, repeatedly asking myself WHY. Finally slowly, while asking God for help, I came from behind the stigma, seeking out other women like me because I knew I could not be alone! Today I'm free, God has healed my heart, and I understand WHY now. I'm no longer living behind the stigma.