First Year of My Diagnosis!

Hey Everyone! 

Wow where has time gone? It feels like I just got diagnosed but it has been a year already (8/28). I'm so proud to say that I have not allowed this diagnosis to step in my way. I would like to share a few things I have achieved in my first year and I know you can too. Here goes... I am in school online at DeVry University for Billing and Coding, I have done some activist work; I went to my local Senator, Lindsay Graham’s, office to request for more funds to end HIV/AIDS here in South Carolina and around the world. (I encourage you to do the same - go to your local Senator’s office). I have also started my own business with It Works. It Works is an amazing company that gives people the chance to share their amazing products (over 30). I bet you are wondering what kind of products… They are all natural health products… skin, lifestyle, weight loss, etc. I have started my 90-day challenge and I have lost 8 Ibs. already and I just started my challenge 2 ½ weeks ago. But that’s just a little of my first year Journey. I know that you can do this too. God has made us all and He will not put more than you can handle on you. As Women we are strong creatures. 




The best is yet to come!

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Wow! Congratulations Carolina! You've achieved so much and I wish you continued success! Good luck with everything!


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