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Hello Friends,

It's been Awhile but I have to Share A Lil' HIV Humor. Yes, that's what I said "HIV Humor." Sometimes HIV may feel Serious, Sad, Angry, Like I Need To Be Inspiring and Sometimes It's Motivating......but sometimes things can get Humorous. I've been positive for 15 years now. Sometimes Being Positive About Being Positive Doesn't Always Have Me Feeling So Positive, especially when it comes to the present challenges we face. But I am Positive about U=U; Pun Intended.

I got to thinking about a few humorous things that came along for me, when I found out I had HIV. For instance, at the time of my diagnosis, I was unaware that I was able to live a long time if I adhered to medications and took care of myself. My best thinking said, "well, if I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna go out looking good." I opened a credit card at every store that let me at my local shopping mall and went on a one day shopping spree. I bought stuff that my little paycheck could never afford. But I thought I wasn't going to live long enough to pay the bill anyway and I looked really good in all that name brand attire. My high heels were like works of art on my feet. I went to the doctor for a checkup and she said my numbers looked good and I was going to live a long time. I asked her to define "long."  I walked away with mixed emotions. I ended up living long enough to have to pay those bills off.

When I first started medications,  when newly diagnosed, it made me feel ill a good bit before i got used to it. I was on the same set for years. Recently, they changed it to a newer medication. The night before I started the new medication, I was mentally prepared for the worst, in case the side effects made me sick. I cheered myself on alone in the mirror, talking to myself..."Yes, You Got This Angel, You Can Take On Nausea,  Diarrhea, Headaches, Fatigue. You've done it. before and you can do it again. You Can Get Through This Medicine Change!!!"  I blessed the medicine, took it and waited...and waited a few more hours...waited to feel real sick…half a day went by...a full day...more than a few days went by...AND...NOTHING...didn’t feel sick at all. Nothing happened. I laughed alone at how hard I mentally prepared myself and how i kept waiting for something big to happen, but was grateful at how much the medications have improved.

I recall when I was newly diagnosed, certain relatives were apologizing for things I didn't even know they did. Everybody wanted to make peace...just in case something happened.

I encourage you to find the humor in this.... I am sure I am not Alone. Being Able to Laugh At Ourselves and Life, Can Add So Much More To Our Life…Than Just Having HIV. Find people who can laugh with you... Humor Is Necessary. I Watch A lot of Comedy bc life is already too serious sometimes...or is it really not??? Life for me is not Just Serious as it continues...I Can See The Humor In It…if I Choose to...

I Hope Having HIV isn't limited to nor attached to only sadness, anger, grief, and motivation to inspire and Live...but what if Humor could be attached to it?



Love your blog!

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Thank you for a wonderful blog.  HIV humor . . . I thought something similar when I was diagnosed over 30 years ago (living with HIV 33 years).  I thought, if I was going to die, I was going to go out with a bang and I started partying hard, which led me down a crazy path.  I am grateful to be here and grateful for your blog and your humor!  I hope you still have some of the clothes :)



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Wed, 9/15/2021 - 1:51am

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Wed, 9/15/2021 - 1:50am

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