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As I check my facebook page, I notice all of my friends appearing to have a great time, some single and partying, others married and living the "typical" family life.  All awhile, I stare blankly at the page wondering what happened to my life.  Is this really what God intended for me?  Apparently.  Am I truly strong enough to handle this?  Of course I am; I have to for my son.  He is my reason for focusing on life and the day to day struggles.  Each night, as I lay down next to him, I see the most beautiful sight I've ever seen, my child.  A child given to me by the grace of God.  I will not only survive, I will triumph!


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well i pray that God will keep u and family healthy.


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Hi Katie

I just read your post and it gives me hope.I am 32 weeks pregnant with my first child and just found out 4 days ago that I am positive.My GP delayed tesing for some reason and I regret not seeing a gynae from the on set.I have not told anyone as I am still coming to terms with this myself.I am so scared and have no clue what to do.All I wish for is for my son to be born negative and for my health not to detoriate as I have never been sick.I don't even know how to tell my husband as I suspect i might have been positive before I even met him (broke up with my ex when I found out he was a serial cheater after being with him for 3 years and not using condoms.I know hiv is manageable but I don't know if I can deal with this......


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Hi Katie,

Your story is EXACTLY like mine. Found out we were both positve when I became pregnant at 29 with my first child. He is negative. I have never been sick (Thank God) but my soon to be ex has been sick several times. Wondering if there is someone out there that will love me even though I am positive. Any advice you can give me? Separation just happened the other day. Still very new.


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i ve just a story n think is like mine.i ve also found out im positive when im pregnant.i ve been on arvs since den.and my child is only 3weeks now, so wish she s negative.


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hey,letta.just wondering how it turned out for your daughter.I'm waiting for my daughter's results.She is 3 months old.i'm very nervous.


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Wow! I am newly diagnosed with HIV+, my daughter is also my pillar of strength, I live for her.She my everything and I know i will be there to see her grow up.


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Hi Katie,
many of us just like you discovered while pregnant and i understand what you must have gone through. But the joy of seeing my son grow each day to be a wonderful boy and being optimistic that my future is certainly better than my past. am seeing beautiful things happen in my life. Believe me we are stronger than we know and we shall live to see our children many years from now.


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Sorry name sake you just eat health sleep
well take alot of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and make sure you take your Arvs as advice by your doctor if fall sick go to
the hospital and stress free you will be ok
being positive it doesnt mean your agoing to die just think of people who have cancer which has got no cure even if your get high blood pressure, dibetic, name you can die, but thanks to Arvs atleast you have something to control the sickness it is not a death sentance when you sleep or wake up just say * I AM NOT GOING TO DIE JUST LIKE THAY * LOVE U NAME SAKE


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I am a 30yearl old mother,who is 4 months pregnant with my second child and just found out that I am HIV positve. I was shocked as I test atleast twice a year & I am also a regular blood donor.I told my partner about the results and asked him to also go and test and he will go and requested that I give him some time to try to deal with this on his own. I pray & hope that someday he realises that its not a death sentence, you just need to child your way of life and enjoy your life.


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Five years ago i tested positive that was 2006 and in about a week i had herpes, for the past five ive never been sick. What can u advice me to eat or do so that i can fight these diseases that causes AIDS?I want to fight with this disease without taking ARVS.


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Hey ladies you are really DIVAS, my God i wouldn't know what i would do if i found out i was HIV positive. Keep the fire burning you all and be determined to live because you will. I pray for you all that God in his infinite mercies stretch ou his healing hands and heal you completely.HIV people around the world are on my praying list and i will never stop to pray for you always. May the Lord who has kept you to this day continue to do so. I can't stop crying though.....
Let me use this opportunity to introduce Christ (the one who came to die on the cross) to you just in case any of us is not yet born again. I want you to know that HEAVEN is real and HELL is also real.
As we try to battle this sickness let us also not loose sight of the fact that one day we would give an account of our lives on this earth. Jesus is ready with open arms to accept us into HIS fold. The world may shun you in the face of this disease but JESUS loves you best and HE is ever ready to accept us.



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Hey this is unbelieveable.I am a 30 had d disesase, and just found out that am pregnant and don't know how to handle it.I am a stranger in U.S.A.Please can someone help me out


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We are definitely here to help! The one thing about this blog is that we support one another and help create a community. Woffy - you are not alone in this struggle. I remember being pregnant and being diagnosed. I thought I was going to die. But nearly 7 years later, I'm still here and healthy. You have that baby to live for. You need to be strong for him/her and take your meds as prescribed. If you adhere to your meds, you can reduce the chances of transmission dramatically. It worked for me...it will work for you! Please ask any questions, we are happy to help :)


You are NEVER alone

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Always remember this : You are NEVER alone. There are angels around you if you chose to believe. For atheist, there are INVISIBLE power or force that is working around them to pull and attract something to happen, to perform miracles, to change the course of life. only YOU alone can make this happen, make the change - the rest are just helping you to pave your way, showing you light.

Much love,


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