A Letter to The Well Project Community on the January 6 Insurgency

Submitted on Jan 7, 2021 by  The Well Project

To The Well Project community,

I write to you today with feelings of profound sadness and disgust, and frankly, struggling with what to say. While I don't necessarily feel prepared to offer wisdom in the wake of the violent insurrection that took place in the United States Capitol yesterday, I want you all to know that we are here for you and we love you.

Perhaps what saddens me the most is that while the events that took place were horrifying and profoundly disturbing, they were not surprising. As tempting as it may be to describe these events as singular, we believe, instead, that they are the manifestation of the enduring white supremacy that has always been part of the United States' legacy.

The Well Project is committed to working to dismantle institutional and structural racism that has been the undergirding of American society for hundreds of years. We call on white people (and I am one of them) to own the role we have played and the benefits we have reaped through this system.

While we recognize that we have a long and challenging road ahead, we remain hopeful and will continue to celebrate every victory, no matter how big or small. We will not let racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, or any other form of hatred prevail or stop us. We are honored and grateful to be part of a global and diverse community, from whom we continue to learn and for whom we will continue to fight for equality, equity, and justice.

In sisterhood,
Krista Martel

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