New regimen of meds, and my comments on my speech in the 6th Int'l Conference of Adherence and Prevention of HIV/AIDS (doctor/patient relationship)

The big part your Doctor plays in your life! It's like a marriage...if there is no communication or respect , there will be a divorce! or a person being less adherent to your hiv medications..I tried to tell them how we feel as patients! We have to be proactive with out illness. Ask for tests, even if your doc does not ask for it! Like vitamin D! I was vitamin D deficient and I didn't know...and if I would have never asked, I would not have known! We have to respect our doctors and they should encourage their patients to research and investigate. I am the one that decided to stop taking Trizivir, which has AZT in it...and switch to Atripla! I have 2 HIV told me.."This will be the worst mistake in your life, Maria,  you are undetectable!" But I know after so much AZT, it was going to enlarge my red blood I made the choice to change! and I hope everything goes well! On the other hand, when I went to my primary physician, who is also a wonderful HIV specialist, he told me..before I even asked him..."Maria, here is the result of your blood work. You are undetectable (as I already knew), but the little problems I see here like the enlarged red blood cells etc etc are because of the AZT." Of course, I already knew this! and actually was informed by this situation by 2 dear friends of mine on facebook that have so much experience, Jim and Colin!!! TY both! :)  So he put me on Atripla right away! So I was so exicited to go and speak in this panel and talk to people in the medical field from all over the world! And I found it right on time! Because I had one doctor that didn't want to listen to me...maybe because he is scared for me?? I dont's not just about being undetectable and my T-cell count! I want to live a long life!! And be on medication that is less toxic! It's my right! He couldn't understand! He talked about..if it isn't broken, dont fix it!!!! Well NO!!! I am not going to wait to be broken... to fix! Even a car needs a tune up! They have studied and I admire them for that. But we are the people who are living this illness! It's our bodies.. So please everyone, Don't be scared to ask questions...and if you feel your doctor, case manager  etc not the right partner for you...because it is a marriage as I say on my video...divorce him/her! Binary Data as always love and light- ~Maria T Mejia~




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OH!!! how much I love you both!!! wisdom, love,good energy! family! that is what you both represent to me <3


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I know I don't need to tell you that I'm not only honored to be mentioned here in your blog, Lil' Sister, but to be able to give my "best educated guess" based on experience... well, that just makes living with this virus serve a little more purpose. Still sending prayers and positive wishes as this new combination is just starting... so far, so good! But we'll know even more as the next couple of weeks go by and, ultimately, your next few rounds of lab results come in! I am so proud of your strength, your charisma ... but most of all, I'm touched by your loving heart... see you in our room my Sister!


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Maria, there is nothing that Colin and I did that was not told to us by the real "experts" first. We read the same documents that doctors read. We came to the same conclusion as your second doctor. I do find it interesting, though, that your first doctor was so against the idea of “change.” There are MANY times in our lives when change is the best thing for us. The Department of Health and Human Services recommended your change -- we did not come up with that idea out of the blue. I pray that your new combination will be with you for decades... or until even BETTER combinations become available to you in years to come.

We are all here to help each other. Personally, I cannot imagine a world without my sister Maria in it. We have only known each other for a few short months. It's not even been a year that we’ve known each other. But it sure seems longer than that, doesn’t it? We are like peas in a pod. We belong together.

Most of all, we are very honored that you would tell your doctor of our point of view and ask to make such a dramatic change based upon our opinions, and the opinions of the experts on the topic. I know that in the coming months you are going to turn to me or to Colin and you will say, "You need to tell (insert new idea here) to your doctor." Why? Because that is the type of woman you are. You help others, always. And I know you are going to see something that Colin and I are not seeing.

In the meantime, you help us in the best manner we could ever imagine: You have given us the gift of your love and friendship. We are humbled by such a honor.


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I love my Dr., He listens to me, he takes time with me and according to him I am going to live a long NORMAL life and HIV is just going to be a part of it! (As long as WE, he and I, keep up the good work) The relationship I have with my Dr. is one of the most personal relationships I have because I have to feel comfortable enough with him to tell him everything that is going on with me, frome when I am stressed to when my sex or eating habits change and why.


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