Sometimes It Sucks

Submitted on Mar 22, 2023 by  HEROconnor

I got caught up in believing I didn't deserve respect because of my past and dark parts of my identity that I tuck away and try to forget about until it's all I remember. But now I'm learning that self-acceptance is a vital part in determining who you share energy with in a way that allows you to be your whole authentic self. Some people will pour into you, and others will take from you without second thought and leave you licking your wounds.

I now know my job is not to clean up anyone's mess but to be conscious of who I allow to hold my heart. I'm reserving space for myself today to work through these emotions in a forgiving way. I am deserving of love and respect, and I refuse to settle under a spotlight that paints me the enemy, replaying the scenes I hate to watch over and over again. Today, I'm choosing to pour into myself in a way that allows me to be the best version of whoever I'm meant to be for those I love. Big things are changing, and I'm opening my heart to it. Slowly. Easily. I'm feeling more like me.

Standby for growth.


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Submitted by MsLilly78

You just put into very eloquent words the way I feel daily. It's so hard to not feel like I deserve this curse. I'm a work in progress, we all are ❤️

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