Submitted on Jul 2, 2024 by  Angel S.

It's been almost a week.
Homeless yet happy and safe.
I really put myself out there by calling the cops on my roommates Sunday.
The police wouldn't let me press charges.
God has been good. I believe it when my street ministry lady and case worker tell me I'm falling into place not apart. Although it may feel overwhelming I don't dare become stagnant.

I been working on a solution for too long so I took a leap of faith and I am totally relying on my higher power.

I feel so good about my decision to let thy will be done. Things are going to work out as long as I work for them.

My emotional stability has begun to surface. I like and respect myself. No looking back. This is just a new beginning, I'm not blind to the opportunities I have ahead of me.

I, God willing, will come back stronger than ever.
I don't quit and I am not a victim.
I had so much going on and I reached for my old actor for a minute before turning it all over to my higher power to get direction and love.
I couldn't have done this alone. Thank you The Well Project and Krista.
Having a safe place to vent and interact has been so healing.
I'm only a week in and it's coming together - all my hard work over the past two years. Never give up on yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, how can others believe in you?

XO, stay beautiful,
Angel S.

Submitted by boseolotu

Thank you so much Angel, for sharing 

You are a brave and courageous woman..

I am inspired by you positively and strength. 

Be encourage.




Submitted by JoDha

Wow!!! That's a beautiful write-up.

While I was reading this, I was feeling you. I wholly relate to it too and it took me back the memory lane.

Keep writing and keep inspiring.


Much love,


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