World Gone Mad, Women on the Way

Submitted on Dec 22, 2020 by  KatieAdsila

I remember a time when I didn't have to think much about politics or worry if my rights as an American citizen or even as a human being might be stripped from me, or wonder in serious and sincere contemplation, whether or not American democracy would survive. I remember a time when I didn't have to wear a mask to go anywhere or be afraid to leave my house because other people refuse to. I remember when I could travel to see family and friends and hug them tightly when I saw them without concern for our lives. I remember when we didn't store bodies in refrigerated trucks because there was no more room in the morgue. I remember when facts were true and science was heeded (for the most part), I remember a time when we all cared about our climate, because it affects us all, I remember when white supremacy was widely considered a heinous and ugly thing that belonged under a rock never to be accepted in the light of day, and I remember when Russia and North Korea were not our friends (because they're not), and this time that I remember wasn't that long ago.

It seems like the whole world has gone madly insane, especially in the United States, nothing feels normal anymore (and I'm using the word "normal" loosely as though there ever was a normal or that it was ever an entirely good thing) and all this insanity has caused so much anxiety, depression, loneliness, despair, and too many other things to name them all. It can definitely feel overwhelming, and 2020 in particular has overwhelmed millions of us, so don't feel alone. It's pushed all limits to their most extreme ends and tested every fiber of our being. It's no wonder if many of us feel ourselves on the verge of breaking. And if things weren't bad enough many of our avenues of self care, like spending time with those we love, traveling, going out on the town, or for many, just simply having the peace of mind of paid bills, food in the fridge, and the kiddos on a regular schedule, have been disrupted or closed to us.

So what do we do? How do we deal with the world falling apart and imploding all around us? It's not like it's really likely to end any time soon, even when trump leaves office there will be a lot of mess to clean up for sure, and his worshippers and sycophants that gave him all his power to begin with will still be with us, and though a vaccine has finally begun to be distributed, we already know that about half of the population for whatever reason doesn't want to take it. Russia is still going to be Russia, haters are still gonna hate, and too many jobs just aren't coming back any time soon. But fortunately for us, we're women, lol. Our "normal" has never been normal; we could argue that our entire lives have been a constant series of minor 2020s, the loads we carry on a regular basis would probably crush most men (no offense to men… but it's true). We're like diamonds adapted to pressure, and that's why we'll survive, it's what we do.

That's why the world needs us now, because we're strong enough to save it. For the past four years we have organized and been the thorn in trump's side, preventing at least some of his most heinous inclinations and unified women across the country (and really, around the world) in an empowering way. It was our vote that being denied him turned the tide of the election, it was our wrath that ended the Muslim ban and reunited many border children with their parents, our persistence that put our leaders' feet to the fire and held them accountable, and all while holding our own homes together (as well as ourselves, lol).

Women are stronger than we often give ourselves credit for. We keep the world going, even sometimes with low self esteem we change the unchangeable and move the unmovable. So don't be discouraged by the world seemingly careening out of control, because believe it or not this is our element, it's where we thrive and shine. Our lives have always been a struggle with the odds stacked against us, yet we overcome our adversities, we win over the hearts and minds of our opposition with gentleness, we have to perform greater feats than our male counterparts with less pay, less appreciation, and fewer resources, and yet reveal ourselves to be the strong and magnificent creatures that we are. Forged in fire we rise from our ashes every time because we must, we know that we are needed, and others depend upon us, and perhaps that's the secret to our strength and resilience, our love, our love for those who need and depend on us.

Just remember to take care of yourself too ladies. I'm sure even Wonder Woman needs a bubble bath, some cozy socks and blanket, and a good Disney movie from time to time, lol. Build a network of friends to reach out to when you need someone to talk to, find a good therapist to trust, don't feel any shame about stepping away from everything for as long as you need, lather your love all over your fur babies as much as possible (this is my main go-to, always works for me, lol), find new hobbies, read a good book, learn another language, walk through nature, take a nap lol, just find whatever works for you and don't deny yourself that vital recharge because your mental health matters. You are the most powerful and fierce creature on earth. You are a goddess, a queen, an Amazon warrioress, and the world needs you, including yourself. So take care of yourself sisters, we have a world to save.


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