Help Me Stop The HIV Myths!

It bothers me so much that we are so gullible, and just want to believe what comes out of people's mouths. We would rather believe a lie than learn the truth. Here are 5 Myths about HIV/AIDS, and I really hope this can help somebody reading today.

Myth No. 1: "I can get HIV by being around people who are HIV positive."

The truth of the matter is that you are next to hundreds of people all day everyday whether it's inside of McDonalds, the movies, the park, out to dinner, or at an amusement park. The reality is that HIV is not spread through touch, tears, sweat, or saliva. You cannot catch HIV by:

  • Breathing the same air as someone who is HIV positive
  • Touching a toilet seat or doorknob handle after an HIV positive person
  • Drinking from a water fountain
  • Hugging, kissing, or shaking hands with someone who is HIV positive
  • Sharing eating utensils with an HIV positive person
  • Using exercise equipment at a gym

You can get it from infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or mother's milk.

Myth No. 2: I don't need to worry about becoming HIV positive -- new drugs will keep me well.

You sound like you just lost your mind! What person in America would want to deliberately get infected with HIV? You got to be kidding me! Yes, antiretroviral drugs are improving and extending the lives of many people who are HIV positive. However, many of these drugs are expensive and produce serious side effects, and don't forget there is NO cure for HIV! Also, drug-resistant strains of HIV make treatment an increasing challenge.

Myth No. 3: I can get HIV from mosquitoes.

Hmmmm let's see... mosquitoes, flies, ants, or maybe roaches!

Really? Because HIV is spread through blood, people have worried that biting or bloodsucking insects might spread HIV. Several studies, however, show no evidence to support this. When insects bite, they do not inject the blood of the person or animal they have last bitten.

Myth No. 4: I'm HIV-positive -- my life is over.

This couldn't be any further from the Truth! In the early years of the disease epidemic, the death rate from AIDS was extremely high. But today, antiretroviral drugs allow HIV-positive people -- and even those with AIDS -- to live much longer, normal, and productive lives.

Myth No. 5: I'm straight and don't use IV drugs -- I won't become HIV-positive.

So what you are straight, and so what you don't use drugs. The question is do you use protection? At all times? Most men do become HIV-positive through sexual contact with other men or through injection drug use. However, about 16% of men and 78% of women become HIV-positive through heterosexual contact.

Let's learn the facts and get knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and eradicate the STIGMA!

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