To My Sisters…"spoken word style"

Too many of my Sisters are winding up dead because they allow smooth-talking brothers to mess with their head!

Why should another Sister, full of promise, have to die because a man lied about his sexual preference to shield his male pride?

On an endless quest for love and affection, my Sisters are neglecting themselves when they don't insist on using protection.

What many consider just a "casual date" often turns deadly due to poor judgment and careless mistakes.

They say "you shouldn't hate the playa, instead you should hate the game," To me, a person who treats love and sex as a sport is cruel and inhumane.  Why would anyone play a game based on treachery and deceit where the playground is a dark world that encourages  people to lie and cheat?

Is the winner the one who manages to escape the grip of death or the one who remains true to the game until he takes his last breath?

You can't expect a relationship to thrive without honesty and trust.

We're no better than animals when we throw caution to the wind to feast on self-indulgence and lust.

Whether you're a wife, a girlfriend or somebody's "boo," don't place your welfare in the hands of a man when that responsibility belongs to YOU.  My life is too precious, therefore, I choose to abstain, rather than offer my body as a pawn in such a sick and foolish game!

You may want a brother to romance and surprise you with gifts fit for a queen. But he may surprise you with an all-expense-paid trip to the free clinic with an STD.

Some Sisters need to stop convincing themselves that AIDS is no big deal. It's too late when death knocks at your door to admit this disease is for REAL!

My Sisters, the consequences of your life are determined by the choices you make.  Don't be captured by a dangerous game that places both your life and health at stake!

About Sonya: Mrs. Sonya Mallard, better known as "Ms Sonya Live", possesses a desire to push one into their Destiny, and has an unabashed preference for the controversial. Ms. Sonya skillfully combines talk, news worthy events, interviews and motivation for people without missing a beat. The weekly show, Ms. Sonya Live is on 94.7 FM every Friday @5pm for two hours filled with Real Talk, Real Issues, with a Dose of Reality from the heart.  It features audience interaction and interviews with experts in the HIV field.  She is on a mission as a HIV Activist for the past 20 years and presently an HIV Educator/Tester with Project Response in Melbourne, Florida.  She has been Affected and not Infected with HIV, losing her best friend, Lynette Hart, to the disease.  Her greatest fulfillment comes when her students, clients, and audience members take action and make meaningful changes that transform their health, relationships, work, and spiritual lives. She is known for giving out condoms FREE and stationing condom bowls throughout drug infested neighborhoods, beauty stores, and night clubs to help decrease the disease.




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Finger snaps don't easily appear when typing. I am just re-reading some of your posts and miss your voice. Can't wait to read more


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Thanks Tiffany, I am Back and have so much more to say <3


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