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A place where we can share our experiences and effects of being a long term survivor.

only those that lived in those times Pre-HAART can understand what we have been through! We were the Guinea pigs for the medication that we have now. we come from an era where we had nothing but each other. Many of us are living in isolation, we have PTSD,Depression and Anxiety! WE ARE THE FORGOTTEN ONES! we are still here and alive. #Longtermsurvirosmatter

Many can learn from our experience ! we have a fountain of information.


love and light


Maria Mejia

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The Well Project is thrilled to co-sponsor this series of webinars discussing needs and concerns specific to people who have lived with HIV for many years around the research towards a cure for HIV. The series will be held on various Tuesdays from May to November 2023.

Creating this long-term survivor group many years ago was important for me and never knew how much activity it had! I must continue coming to the website more often. Love and Light

I want to thank everyone that has shared their experience ! Women matter and have been a crucial part of this fight and always will be! Much love and light to all Maria HIV Mejía

Hey all, I just realised that I have been looking for answers in all the wrong places. Making my life harder by not accepting what is, wishing for something else. But now I have come to some kind of sense. I have lived with hiv for 32 years, since I was 16. I now know and feel that my place is within our community. This is where I can be...

Hi I am currently on Viramune and Descovy. I have had Viramune since 1999, Descovy since 2018. I had a talk with my doctor about new meds. She suggested Juluca. Or if I switch back to Kivexa and Viramune. Does any of you have any experience with these meds ? It feels like the new meds would be better. But reading about sideeffects, I am not so sure anymore. I...

Hi all I´m Kat. I was diagnosed in january 1990, age 16. I live in Sweden. I hardly remember the 90s , it was a really difficult time for me. The chock of testing positive was big. I had no clue. I was so afraid of telling anyone and feeling so lonely and scared. At that time I was the youngest the knew of who had contracted the virus via...

Haven't posted in while I have been going through motions these last past months. Doing my job as a Advocate/Peer in my job. Trying to smile through this mess but inside screaming help Im drowning . I lived with HIV for 13 years and im sure for most that is not long time but for me it is , it has held me captive for 13 Years . I try...

I am feeling the effects of poverty and isolation. I keep trying to pick myself up, but after years of doing this, I find it harder and harder to find that happy place. I suppose the constant worry and stress and bureaucracy is what keep me down. I have no faith in doctors anymore as they have dismissed me when sick right in front of them only to go to...

"'She really is somebody to everyone,' commented Brown’s daughter, Jamanii Brown. 'Being around all the people she’s impacted and hearing story after story after story, it’s overwhelming — but it’s a good overwhelming.' Now nearly 25 and working in the prevention field, Jamanii was born just months after Brown’s diagnosis. 'By the time she told me [she was living with HIV], she was genuinely starting to accept it,' Jamanii mused...