United States

It is my perception that we were all sent here with a purpose and I am walking in mine. We can learn so much from both the success and mistakes of others, which is why I share mine with those who are willing to listen. 

Since I was diagnosed with HIV in 2008, my experiences have proved to me that there is a severe need to educate. So here I am. People should know that I, nor my HIV negative son for that matter, do not pose a threat to anyone by: sharing the air we breathe, the toilet seat, or even from their drinking cups. The list could go on. I thought we were past that, but obviously not. It's all love though. I'm here to help fill that gap of ignorance. It would be awesome to join a force that has already been killing this mission. 

Why Ciarra wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: Writing for A Girl Like Me will allow me to share my voice through a certain tone of compassion, love and education with the mission of both raising awareness for HIV as well as eliminating HIV-related stigma. I want to be a voice for others who are not able to use their own.