Baby (Part Two)

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Well I though long and hard about what you ladies had to say and I agreed.  When my husband and I die, I want to leave my son with a sibling to love and help comfort. So my husband and I decided to have another child.

Then, less than a week later, I was told by my doctor that my cervical cancer is back.  (I was diagnosed with both HIV and cervical cancer during my pregnancy.)  I was told I will need to have another small procedure, but this time if it doesn't work, we will need to do something more drastic (such as a hysterectomy).  I've had several in office procedures and even a surgery to remove the cancer, but it hasn't resolved it as we had hoped.

I am so disappointed and feel almost like I've let my husband down.  However, he assures me that I have not.  Obviously we did not plan for these health problems, but it is also something that we could not have predicted at the time.

So, unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be having any more children.  But at least, I have one healthy, happy little boy who will now be spoiled rotten!  I truly consider myslef so fortunate and thank God daily, to have such a wonderful child.  So while we may only have one, I will be certain to give him the best life possible.




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That's the Spirit! I'm planning to have another child in 2yrs time when i have completely healed from the surgery, I was also diagnosed with cervical cancer and even though i'm fine now, i'm sure if i'm ready to concieve again. i have 2 beautiful children and if i dont concieve, then let it be.


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