Be Brave

I can not change what I am not willing to face. Be authentic. Realizing that to be authentic one's secrets must be faced - head on. Secrets are an example of WHAT IS LACKING IN YOUR LIFE AND IN YOU. They show their heads in the shadows, frost covered reality.

As Bruce Springsteen said, "Is that you baby or just a brilliant disguise?"

To acknowledge ourselves for what we really are and not for what we allow others to see or believe helps to move one from self destructive behaviors (no longer useful to the purpose) into a walk down the road of honesty.

Honesty is the only way to come face to face with every secret, whether silly or not. Secrets are just ways you hide your authentic self from yourself and the world, limiting your ability to create and generate success.

Go forward. Do not fear, grasshopper, for your bravery is enough. Take that chance and Be Yourself. Achieve the life you are so afraid to succeed at. Go beyond. Be courageous; you must... and move forward.

Fail and Succeed Big. Give up never.



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