The Cost of a Future

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Even though HIV is a part of my life, it doesn’t dictate how I spend my time. I am very busy with my kids, work, and school. I am planning for my future. I am very lucky to be able to say I have a future. There are so many new medications that are allowing us to have and plan for our futures. Every day they are working on the next best thing. What I worry about is being able to pay for these medications when my husband retires. Our medications would run us 17,000 USD every three months if we didn’t have insurance. We are fortunate to have insurance although this is my biggest fear. Jae




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hey jae i feel like i have gotten to know u through your blog and i understand your concerns about the future, it always worries us not matter which prespective we look at it from, but it works out jus fine sometimes and worries at times deprive us of the moment we are in.
It will be alright!!!!!!!


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That is a costly medical expense. I hope by the time your husband retires that a solution is found for you pay for you medication. I am sure I don't have to say it but, hopefully you and your husband is creating a plan for paying for your medication. However, do not stress yourself about the solution because you still have the time. Pray and have faith.


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There is only so much one can prepare to handle an expense that big. That is 2x's my yearly salary. I have more to worry about right now, like what am I going to make for dinner LOL... Thanks for your support,


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