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Submitted on Apr 29, 2016 by  jae001

I had a patient the other day that came in who has a history of seizures. Her daughter for whatever reason took her medication that can help prevent seizures from her. It also happens to be an anti-anxiety medication.

She came in and looked like a total mess . When I asked what was going on she said that she had drank all morning and her daughter took her Xanax from her. She said that she just found out that her daughter was HIV-positive and two and half months pregnant. She explained how this guy her daughter had been dating for a while got her pregnant, and when he found out about her status he admitted knowing since 2013. When I hear this for some strange reason I never get upset I just put on my positive little hat and start with my little speech - of  course all the other nurses around me think I'm ridiculous.

First she gets my lecture that drinking causes somebody that already has seizures to have seizures and when you take away their anxiety medication that can help them from having seizures it will definitely spin them into a seizure. I reassured her that if her daughter gets treatment and does what her OB tell her to do they both will do well. She will need to see an infectious disease doctor also. I saved The Well Project website on her phone.

I hope just the positive information I gave her will help them get through this together. I also saved this article so they could read it together.


Submitted by katie06

So glad you can directly help someone understand about HIV and pregnancy! So many assume it's going to infect the child. But the likelihood of that is minuscule if taking medication. 

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

you are able to help because you are a nurse and you live with HIV <3 this is so important!!!! when I was a tester..I was able to give the diagnosis and tell them..but wait! look at me as your example and they would calm down <3


love you!



Submitted by 4evergrateful

I am sure your actions helped both the women and her child.. I wish I had someone like yourself when I was newly diagnosed and pregnant. By the grace of God I made it.....

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