Submitted on Mar 26, 2020 by  Angel S.

The lies are weak; the stories are tall... Kill the messenger eventually they will fall.

Playing the part.

Living is the journey. Your destiny can not be filled with lost thoughts and squandered dreams.

No pen to paper, no plan will stand.

Don't blink; the rules will change. Stick together or fall apart. Distance is but a number. FUMBLING is part of the chance.

The meek remain the same; the Bold are nearly insane.

Reputations proceed us; Comparisons deplete us.

Applaud the joy! Experience the moments. Feel the emotions. Breathe again. Fun thoughts of a goofy six year old throwing sticks.

Easy, Simple.

Return to your mind and soothe the Kind being smothered useless behind havoc and fear.

Fear is a liar to take you higher to tire and expire. Stay away from the fire.

Touch it. Make it real. Write it down to feed your ambition.

Inside is where we begin to grow when lies are no longer in tow. Use what you know! Do not be afraid to repeat failure for it teaches. Each attempt we learn to readjust our sails. To take road blocks and make them stepping stones.

ALONE is a temporary place without a face. Look at the glass.

You, mother, are as strong as the earth. See in your own soul.

To face eye to eye, accept and encourage in the glass, your other half. Smile. Laugh, cry, thrive, become alive.

We look and forget, not building the esteem we need to do daily battle. Strength from the inside, come for the ride.

Trapped in so deep.

Sinking... the holes are too large. To put back together may be impossible. Smash what's left and pick up the pieces, swim. Blind faith to the start.

The Win is the best part.


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