A letter from Waheedah's son

Submitted on May 19, 2010 by  Shabazzel

Dear Friends,

Some of you here may be able to relate to this article more than others, particularly if you have a child or family member who is incarcerated, as I do.  My son Salim, is 40 years old (a great son and a kind man)  who has  never served time in jail before, up until last year.  Currently he is being held at a facility far away from where we live. This has been an extremely difficult situation for Salim and my entire family, but we keep pressing forward with our faith and with an enormous amount of support from our community.   Recently I received a letter from Salim that was so heartfelt that I wanted to share it with other mothers who may have a loved one away from home.  I believe incarceration of our loved ones may be a subject many women here can relate to. (Salim is the son who took me in to his home after I was released from prison nearly 8 years ago homeless and with an AIDS diagnosis.)

“March 30th, 2010 Tuesday 11:10pm

May the Most High Deity bless our family with togetherness and peace.

From Salim to my Mom.

The best blessing from The Most High is life, then health, then freedom, then peace. (At least to me it is)

I love you mother.  I was thinking of you, as I always am.

Hey Mother! How are things going for you?  I love you Mom.  I’m holding it down.  Staying strong and praying   almost everyday.  I say almost every day because, I must be a certain level of cleanliness before I prostrate to the Most High Deity or God.   But I know prayer is thought also, so I can say I pray everyday.  I’d say eight out of ten days as far as prostrating.  I always declare my intentions and ask the Most High to accept my intentions and my prayers.  Also to accept everyone’s prayers who are praying for me. 

Mom I wish the family was stronger to help you with all these expenses.   Mom I’m worried about you.  You doing so much.  You deserve to enjoy your life and your money.  You’re like a great savior.  You are a savior.  You’re a lot like our grandmother, Momma.   You always thinking of others more than yourself  Mom.  You’ve saved Fahmee’s life when he left XXX.  You’ve saved your brothers, all of them at one at one point or the other.  You saved some family member,  on several occasions from eviction and etc....... You’re trying to save me now.  My mother, thank you for being there for me.  You keep money on my books and you’ve even given my dog a place to stay.  Mom, thank you.   My mother I will make it out of this situation and we will be together again.  I will help you get back the things you’ve sacrificed.

You must remember the dietary laws and stay strong.  A lot of water, very little or no meat, raw vegetables or slightly cooked vegetables.   Herbs are good also.  They will not cure but they will make the immune system stronger.  Take care of yourself, mother.  You are the most important to you on the Earth.  And to me!  Don’t let nothing come before you.   Not me, not Fahmee, not Salwa, not Taqee, not Daniel, nothing.  I’m a man, Mom; don’t worry yourself to death about me. 

Tell Eddie I said to take care of you and my sister.  Tell him to hold it down.  How is your back? Yes I heard it was hurting.  Tell Eddie to massage your back and put something hot on it.  Mom, I don’t like to hear it that you’re hurting.  I know Eddie is helping you with the expenses.  You tell him I said thank him for helping you with the ones you love.  I over stand the sacrifice that’s being made from everyone.  I will pray that you can enjoy good times mom with your fiancée without all the drama going on with our family.

I want to thank you all for coming all the way to XXXX to visit me.   That was some visit in the booth huh?  I want to thank Salwa for coming too.  Tell her I know she was crying when I couldn’t see her when I was sitting behind the glass.  That’s cool, I Love her also.  Fahmee has really kept me together down here in XXXX with his cards, tell him I thank him very much and love him and miss him. 

You’re a Super Mom.  You’re a heck of a grandmother also.  I pray I can come out and be like you.

P.S.  I’m mailing these letters out to you on Monday April 5th.  Mom, always ask my lawyers from time to time how long do they expect me to be in jail? OK Mom?

Thank you for the phone time and making me feel that I’m not forgotten.  Because down here in XXXX, so far away from home.  It’s easy to feel alone.  Thank you for my scrolls.  Thank you for the letters and thank you for the Love.  I know you’re disappointed in me, but you never kicked me while I’m down.  I thank you for that.   I love you Mom.

Peace is upon you.   Salim”

Submitted by lol0

you are so blessed to have a son like him amd i hope i become half the mother that you are to him. The letter is so heart felt and i too will be praying for you all.

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