My Advice to Be a Paid Speaker

Submitted on Oct 21, 2015 by  MariaHIVMejia

Maria, you have been invited to the 5th Annual Cultural Competence Conference in El Paso, Texas on Friday, February 26, 2016. Texas Tech University Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Health… YES, it is for next year. I am pretty booked until then! This is a gift that I have and it feels so good to know that every time I speak I touch people and even make them cry. I started speaking in panels and in every place you can think of. With keynotes you are on your own and you have to speak for one hour plus! I never use power point (unless requested). I may have a small note with pointers.

Every time I speak I get 2 to 3 more speaking engagements… basically it is word of mouth. I tailor my speech for the audience that I am speaking to. <3 I have spoken to a room of 30 to thousands of people at once. From thugs in prison to people in government and every arena that you can think of nationally and internationally. :)

When I speak my story is important and of course I touch on it… but as a motivational speaker and a speaker in general, you have to produce more than your story! Anyone can tell their story and this is important, but if you want to be a paid speaker and do Keynotes you must bring more to the table than your story! Motivate, Empower, Uplift, Minister. You have to connect to the audience in a deep level and you must keep their interest! Remember, it is one hour plus up there by yourself and it is such a good feeling when they cry or they can connect with you in some type of way!

By the way, #HIV is just part of my story... it is not everything I talk about. <3 I will be speaking to pre-med students, psychology students, nurses and people in the health field. I have spoken to these groups many times and it is important to me to speak to them from the view of the patient and educate them in language, patient/doctor relationship and how they can have a successful and adherent patient... most importantly, compassion and empathy and not to ever judge a person by their past and by their cover. <3 Everyone deserves a second chance!

Love and light

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