My Bday Is here :) - Mi cumpleanos esta aqui

Maria new1OMG!!!!! in a few days  I will be 40 YEARS OLD!!! and 24 years living with HIV ! When I was infected in 1989 at the age of 16 and then diagnosed 1 week after my 18th bday in April 18 1991, IT WAS A DEATH SENTENCE! They gave us MAX 10 YEARS TO LIVE. I wrote in my Hello Kitty diary that max I would live to see 28 and that is how it was! we had no meds!! No viral load exams! no social media or internet NOTHING! IT WAS A DEATH SENTENCE! NOW IT IS A LIFE SENTENCE!! BUT ..I AM HERE! Please,  when you know better, you do better! Get tested, know your status! Do not trust anyone with your life!! And use protection! I am blessed! I am here! and I will continue to fight Until There's A Cure or my last breath. It is living or dying for me! I WANT LIFE! ******* DIOS MIO!! en unos dias cumplo 40 anos de edad!!! y 24 anos con el virus del VIH! cuando me infecto mi primero novio en 1989 a mis 16 anitos y fui diagnosticada una semana despues de mi cumpleanos numero 18 en Abril 18,1991..ESTO ERA UNA SENTENCIA DE MUERTE!! maximo nos daban 10 anos de vida( si viviamos bien ) escribi en mi diario de Hello Kitty que seguro viviria hasta los 28 anos maximo! y asi eran las cosas. NO TENIAMOS MEDICINAS,NO HABIA EXAMEN DE CARGA VIRAL,NO HABIA INTERNET,NI INFORMACION! NADA!!! solo la sentencia de muerte! pero estoy aqui PORFAVOR!! CUANDO SABEMOS LAS COSAS ..NO HAY PORQUE ESTAR EN ESTA SITUACION EN ESTAS EPOCAS! HAZTE EL EXAMEN DEL VIH,NO LE CONFIES A NADIE TU VIDA! USA CONDON PORFAVOR! ESTO NO ES UNA SENTENCIA DE MUERTE YA! PERO SI UNA CADENA PERPETUA. soy bendecida estoy aqui! i voy a continuar luchando hasta que la cura llegue o hasta mi ultimo suspiro!! es de vida o muerte para mi!! y yo quiero VIVIR! LOVE AND LIGHT AMOR Y LUZ ~MARIA T MEJIA ~ P.S. -- For those that might be interested, check out this vblog about a poz cruise I am involved is a really special treat for people living with (and affected by) HIV and their families:




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happy birth day Maria You have inspired me a lot to live congs


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very nice all , and with a hope , love you mom


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Much love on your birthday. You are a beautiful inspiration to me. Hugs~


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Ty so much Lynn <3 love and light


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