Question: Changing Healthcare Providers

Submitted by Elsie

Kaloobabie, there is call to be scared these days. I am 17 years positive and remember when i got my diagnosis. I had walked into our clinic and requested a test - no counselling. The doctor I saw a few hour later restored my confidence as I felt I was floating and could not quite comprehend what being positive meant. He put my mind completely at rest such that I was ready to share with my husband (the next day) and also counsel him the way the doctor did after he also tested positive (3 days later).
Please do get to talk to one as soon as possible so you get more information. Information would reduce the fear and you will be free to live a positive life.

Submitted by Elsie

never had one.i am 8 months positive and scared. i,ll give one a try but i dont when

Submitted by katie06

I have an hiv doctor and primary care doctor.. I've only had one hiv doctor. However my husband has a different hiv doctor, so I'm able to sort of bounce things off each of them and get 2 opinions.
I've switched primary care doctors once. I did that because I didn't feel the first doctor was aggressive enough with my conditions. She was reluctant to prescribe medications, even antibiotics. One thing I learned is to stick up for myself with my own healthcare. No one cares about your wellbeing like you do. So you have to do what is best for you.

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

hI Hun..I have divorced a few along these years. it was because they lost the love for their career and they were not giving me all of them. I have been lucky and blessed that it was easy for me to transition, especially with the last one that I had for 8 years :( he pretty much left me hanging..he decided that he was not going to practice medicine anymore and was taking the bar exam! but he didn't even tell me : Maria, prepare..soon I will be leaving :( so I was very lucky that my primary physician who is an excellent doctor and friend is also an HIV specialist and I am with him now . hope this helped xox


Submitted by jae001

It is so funny... I was just going to change because it would be easier with our insurance... then at my last appointment we sat a talked for about an hour about the conference and womens needs in our area... I decided I can't leave LOL I was so determined to make my life easier and just go to a Doctor that works better with my insurance. For now I am just going to stay with my current doctor...
Thanks for the imput... I am sure this information will help others...
I do know people need to realize the Doctors work for US, NOT the other way around!!!

Submitted by linda1st

My 1st Doctor, a sweetheart...but broken English! Conversations were a minimum.....and nothing about healthy eating and lifestyle choices. So I switched, after 5 years...and the 2nd Doctor speaks English...and just sat there and looked at me. I am a non progressor, and I do my own research...medical books and how the body works books! Lymphatic System..Immune System is unproductive's the Lymphatic System the Immune System is located in. Silly doctors. Eat good fresh foods and avoid chemicals and toxins!

Submitted by Elsie

I have had the same healthcare provider for the past 11 years. There are a few in my area but my insurance dictates who I can and cannot see. You are blessed to have an amazing insurance coverage! Love you!

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