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Submitted on Jan 20, 2011 by  linda1st

My quest to become more  involved, is slowly moving in a better direction. I have been accepted as a Nutrition Advocate, for a 3 year term. It's not a job...but it's an fight for Food Based Nutrition Information, in regards to our health!

My doctor has little input.  The fliers and handouts I collect, say nothing of remaining healthier with proper nutrition! Why is it, we must seek out this information alone?  If your doctor gives you input and information on the healthiest recommendations for our sure to thank him/her!  Because not all doctors are doing so!

So I'd like to know..

  1. How many of you get Nutritional Counseling or Recommendations?
  2. How many of you did your own research?
  3. Did you look up stuff on the internet?   Did you go to the library?  Did you ask your doctor?
  4. Do you know how to read and use the information in your Labs? CD4~ CD8~Viral Load, Lymphocytes.
  5. Do you know about the Long Term Non-Progressors & Elite Controllers?

I want to see if mis-information and lack of information are the norm.

So what are the recommendations?

Get a book on the Lymphatic System, it's the source of the Immune System.

Get a book on nutrition, get several books and compare information. What builds up health, and what tears it down?  What is the needed levels of nutrients necessary for a healthy body?  And what if you're fighting illnesses?  What nutrients are burned doing so?  Stress eats up B vitamins.  If you're stressed, you need x-tra B's.  AND food is the best source. Not a chemical prefabricated in a laboratory.

Do you feel you are getting good information? or have you been left in the find your own way?   Seek out the information! Many are doing all natural methods, and having good...if not remarkable...results.

And this includes the people on HIV meds.  Find out what nutrients are being depleted, what is counter productive to the meds, and what "may" have interactions.

It's as simple as eating Tabbouleh! Spinach! Kale! Coconut oil!  FRESH!  Carrot juice!  Beets!  Variety! and  Spices!   Spicy food cleans out sluggish lymph nodes and stimulates lymphatic fluids.  Get a book or several...and read.

To your best and prolonged health, Linda

And please, if you could, include your area of the world.  I'd like to see who is getting the best information.

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Submitted by jae001

1.Do you get Nutritional Counseling or Recommendations? No, unless vitamin levels count
2.How many of you did your own research? I do
3.Did you look up stuff on the internet? Yes Did you ask your doctor? Sometimes
4.Do you know how to read and use the information in your Labs? CD4~ CD8~Viral Load, Lymphocytes. Yes
5.Do you know about the Long Term Non-Progressors & Elite Controllers?
not sure if you wanted a deffinition or not... but basically someones that levels are undetectable for a long period of time without the use of medications... So yes

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

1.Do you get Nutritional Counseling or Recommendations? I have been to a nutritionsit and ask my doctor for certain vitamin levels
2.How many of you did your own research? Always have since I was a teen
3.Did you look up stuff on the internet? internet and medical library. Did you ask your doctor? I also ask him questions and tech him some things also
4.Do you know how to read and use the information in your Labs? CD4~ CD8~Viral Load, Lymphocytes. yes, everything
5.Do you know about the Long Term Non-Progressors & Elite Controllers?
yes..long term survivors without meds that have a mutation that doesnt let hiv affect the immune system I believe

Submitted by linda1st

I like that you teach your DR sometimes!!!! I try, but mine doesn't care! Please share any of your insights...regarding Nutrition. Mine are:



Submitted by Kristi2020

Nutritional Counseling or Recommendations? No, but wish I did.
2.How many of you did your own research? not so much yet.
3.Did you look up stuff on the internet? Did you go to the library? Did you ask your doctor?Minimally.
4.Do you know how to read and use the information in your Labs? CD4~ CD8~Viral Load, Lymphocytes. CD4 and Viral Load, but none of the other numbers.
5.Do you know about the Long Term Non-Progressors & Elite Controllers? Never heard of it.

Would love a good book, webiste, recommendation for nutritious eating that is easy to use for the layperson, attainable, manageble, etc. Thanks ~Lynn

Submitted by linda1st

Healthy Self, by Paul Chhabra is a great book. It explains the immune system and Lymphatic System and how to keep them healthy. He doesn't try to sell you anything. Just food recommendations and the ones to avoid. My theory is the Elite controllers eat better. Also smoking, any alcohol, and any kind of recreational drugs are VERY bad. People are living 30 years now with the virus, but is anyone asking them about their lifestyle? I haven't seen any surveys! Food, fresh fruits and vegetable, heals the body in amazing ways. Do not waste your time with microwaved foods or processed junk. All of us, meds or no meds, benefit from intense nutrition.....not chemical vitamins.....Food based nutrition. Look for supplements derived from food, and eat the most colorful foods you can.

The Library is a good start. Get some books on the Lymphatic system, immune system and how the body works. Browse through a few, find an easy reading one...and study!!!! and thanks for sharing.

Submitted by bee2art

1) Yes, my Doc is very enlightened. She's a teaching Doctor and is very current on HIV.
2)Yes, I scared myself to death for the first six months trying to figure out what I was going to do.
3) Yes to all three questions.
4) Yes, my Doctor made sure I understood the labs.
5) Yes, I was very aware of long term nonprogressors and hoped I would be one as well. My Doctor never discouraged me, she encouraged my level of exercise ( I work out daily), encouraged the supplements and vitamins I was taking and supported my diet

Submitted by linda1st

Your so lucky to have good input! Many have Doctors immersed in the Medical information, and won't offer any additional input....ethics and all. Coconut oil has Lauric Acid....and I have read a report that it actually eats the virus.

I am my own lab rat. I usually have a viral load under 2000. Around 1,500. I got stung by a bunch of went up to 20,000....but came right back down.

I think if we all compare notes....successes and defeats.....we will gain a wealth of knowledge, and pass it on to others, not getting any info.

Stress and smoking affect the immune system. Even Smoking Marijuana is bad. When i quit smoking pot, my Viral load went down to 879. No Meds YET. and I am fighting to stay healthy on my own. Basil (pesto) is fabulous. Anti microbial and anti viral. Fresh is best!

Eat to is possible. Linda

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

Hi Linda ...well I try to eat very healthy.I don't eat red meat or pork..I was without Hiv meds for more than 10 years and took nothing but homeopathic and herbs ans vitamins..I took duck embryos from Canada , that my mom sells in her health food store..I took cats claw for a while. I drink lots of water , try to meditate, receive massage therapy every week and also go to the chiropractor twice a week..the supplements that I take now cause i wan't to cleanse my body and are a must are Coenzyme q10 400 mgs this helps the mitochondria cells which hiv medications damage..their was a study about this..I also inject myself with b12 every week, take b12,green tea,colostrum which is so good for you Tcells, also I take 5htp for production of serotonin for those days that we are down,and I also take melatonin highest strength for sleeping.I think we take enough toxics so I try to take many natural things :) soy milk is very good also for people that don't eat enough protein .exercise when I can and try to stay active...I hope this helps :) love and light

Submitted by linda1st

Thank you for sharing. Coconut oil has amazing properties. A very healthy fat! I bet it would help folks on meds. It sounds like a super food when you read the reports.

Garlic! Onion soup (home-made)

Fresh food! Spicy foods! Turmeric, curry, all kinds of spices and herbs have anti viral and healing properties.

Eat to wishes........for miraculous and continued health! Linda

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

Hmmm linda I have not tried coconut oil :) will do some research!! ty so much have a wonderful day~maria~

Submitted by Nonie

Thank you for sharing. I leave by Gods grace I don't have much information on hand. The first step I have to get the book Healthy self.

My doctor did not say a lot and I don't even bother to ask as well cause he is very busy.

But now since I got this website I will read on it as much as I can.

Thanks for your sharing.

Submitted by linda1st

Thanks for your input. I just had my Viral Load checked....1860 & CD 4 at 677. I am eating lots of raw garlic, took Sulfur supplements, and lots of raw foods and juice! No MEDS yet! I am a firm believer that healthy super foods will help sustain us! Eat to Live! Best Wishes, Linda

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