Are you taking care of yourselves?

Submitted on Nov 2, 2011 by  linda1st

It's very important to make better choices for better outcomes!

If you're newly diagnosed, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Unless you have an excellent and progressive doctor, the information most of us get is negligible! Smoke less, eat better, breathing deeper, if you're sedentary ~ move more.....if you are an exercise freak, maybe relax a bit? Be good to yourself. Don't stress out the body! Moderation in alcohol; or rarely, is a good idea. Don't go crazy cleaning or painting; exposing yourself to chemicals, like pesticides and fertilizers, cleaners and strong fumes.....are not a good idea!

Eat good foods, de~stress, stay away from street drugs, and do things to keep your mind healthy. Read about your HIV and learn about the body systems it affects...the Lymphatic System, where the immune system is found.

It's about time to get new lab work, but the last ones were 2000ish VL and 670 for CD4. That's with no meds yet.

I do have a lot of stress. Still no job over 3 yrs now. No refrigerator for 3 years. I have a water shut off notice and an energy shut off too. That's why I sat down to catch up with everyone, because tomorrow I could be in the dark.

I have herniated discs in my neck, and depression over the bills and no money. My HIV is only a problem because I'd like to go out and socialize. I think it does give me extreme exhaustion, I sleep 10-12 hours, and I nap often! So if anyone else out there feels like they have chronic fatigue syndrome or debilitating exhaustion, B vitamin rich foods...and sleep, you might need it.

Your body is in a fight, it's fighting this virus. Give it the tools and a fighting chance, by not sabotaging your health with cocaine and meth, cigarette, alcohol abuse.....and fake foods! Love yourself, take care of yourself, read for yourself about the foods that build health....and avoid the ones that tear your health down. Old bad more old oils. Store oil in the refrigerator and do not reuse it. Switch to salt with minerals in it. Eat more vegetables, herbs and spices......and live a long and healthy life.

Submitted by akwir mirriam ojoj

good job gal, u can never stop to read any thing related to this monster Virus in ur body, I read every day different issues related to HIV/AIDS and i have been nicknamed Mrs. Aids. Dear gals read more every day and learn how to deal with HIV. One day we will the battle

take care of ur body love it gals, be proud of who u are and never give up in the fight.

Love from me to all gals like me, Good morning

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