computer and life/happiness problems

Submitted on Jul 29, 2011 by  linda1st

Although you rarely hear from me, I think of you all every day!  My PC is old and it's difficult to use.

While so much good work is going on in our behalf, still nothing about NUTRITION!

My medical coverage was canceled by the state of Michigan, in February. I wish I could give you an update on my viral load and CD4's, but I do not know them currently. I do know that minor cuts and bug bites are still healing quickly, and I take that as a state of good health.  Remember, I am not on MEDS.

I could give you a bunch of details of my disgusting city, my young adult son and his arrogance and ignorant self centered attitudes, my dogs won't stay home, and I have been out of work for 2 years; but so much worse is going on for so many, that my sufferings are minimal!

Most importantly, EAT TO BEAT THIS VIRUS!  Eat good foods.  If you want to know what, research the lymphatic system, and search for healing and cleansing diets that strengthen the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM!  The Immune System is a part of the Lymphatic System.......why that is never spoken of in the literature or the Infectious disease Dr's office, beats the hell out of me. BUT it damn well should be!

So as you read this and ponder your health.....are you drinking a pop?   eating white flour?   smoking a Cigarette?   drinking a beer or alcohol?   surviving on candy?  consuming rancid cooking oil?  (store it in frig and use ONCE)  Do you microwave food and believe it's good for you?
NOT!    are you ingesting antibiotics and other government sponsored crap like steroids and artificial hormones?  : (

Food heals you. Food strengthens you.  Foods and lack of them...cleanse you!     and potato chips are not a good  food. Unless you made them in coconut oil!  and sprinkled with Pink Salt.....any salt except bleached!

Do the research, read for yourself.  and never underestimate the power of the fresh and raw diet to make you healthier. If you have digestion issues...Juice it!

Submitted by Kate

Hi Ive been saying for yrs that food makes a difference in your health as well as positive thinking I had my health fail in 2003 and was sacred in til my Dr told me that i can turn things @ and get my health back on track I did that with lots of love good food and lots of pot it took me a couple of yrs to get my counts back to were they should be but I am now a believer that its a combination of things together that keeps me going. GOD BLESS

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