SPEAK UP! 2018

SPEAK UP! 2018 was full of learning experiences, humility, sass and love.

#PWNSummit #Speakup2018

I was greeted at the airport by Tami Haught and a group of ladies traveling to the same event. This year was #PWNUSA Ten Year’s Fierce Celebration. The lasting impression I got this year was the love and friendship, and I reconnected with the ladies I seen at #speakup2016. I love that we as a group of diverse woman were able to get through our differences and fears.

I want to give a shout out to my Sarasota Women’s Support Group for joining in on this event. I was feeling so loved you all came to our A Girl Like Me presentation to support me as a co-presenter and learn more about the blogging I and we at #THEWELLPROJECT do.

Blogging has helped me incredibly. I mostly isolate, but being able to share my journey with the readers in hope to inspire just one woman makes me want to fight like a girl to reach all woman who otherwise may feel totally beat with no hope. I came to blogging a broken girl, and through blogging I have wrestled some of the demons from their powers over me.

Thank you #thewellproject #pwnusa #speakup2018 #resist for including me. I was able to take several workshops. The plenaries were full of powerful stories and beginnings recognizing and celebrating ten years of hard advocacy for women. I am truly grateful for the experience.

I look forward to attending my next conference (HIV is Not a Crime) in June and representing the strong courageous and fierce family of sisters I have grown to know and love through #thewellproject and my experience as a blogger. See you at the next Summit!!




Great to meet you in person and love your blog

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It was wonderful to meet you in person and I am so glad you are blogging with us.  In the process of helping others, we often find we are also helping ourselves.  I am glad we got to hang out a little and hope we see each other again soon.

Love you,




Sweet Angel

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I am so
Sorry about what you went through ! I hope the next time we actually spend time together . I am grateful i got to see you and hug you

Love you dearly

Love and light



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