Wanting to believe a great lie

Submitted on Aug 30, 2017 by  MariaHIVMejia

Be careful! I have been living with this virus for 29 years and I continue to see HIV/AIDS denialists (people who don’t believe that HIV exists) are still everywhere! There are even some doctors and scientists that are HIV denialists, and try to trick people into thinking they don’t really have HIV, and get them to stop taking their medications. These are the same types of people that don’t believe 9/11 happened, or that other viruses like hep C or herpes exists either! I have seen these doctors use a few lines that labs put in fine print in tests (to cover themselves in any case) and they bait you with it! They make you doubt! Who the hell wouldn't want to not have this freaking virus and wants to take these medications that keep us alive???? No one! True enough the mind is strong! But I have seen people die of complications of AIDS that didn't even know what they had until it was too late and they were already dying in the hospital! HIV IS REAL!!

I have been fighting them for years, and exposing these liars who cause so much harm! When I was diagnosed I went back to my country, Colombia, and we had zero medications or support. A few years down the road I was a vulnerable young woman and fell into their grip! The famous Dr. Giraldo in Medellin continued to get patients of their meds. You can look up their documentaries on YouTube and Netflix, and see certain doctors/denialists speaking about how HIV does not exist and their reasoning. This is very dangerous and confusing for people like me who live with the virus. Look up “House of Numbers” to see more about these terrible people. I will continue to speak out against them and expose them!!

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