There is a new drug in town… this drug threatens the survival and safety of HIV+ women. I say women because the dealers and addicts will never pick on a man. The drug is woonga and its main ingredient that gives it a kick is effavirenz (HIV medication). Dealers and addicts will stop at nothing to get their hands on the pill… even infect themselves or their loved ones with HIV. Sick right? Not just sick but dangerous, I am a witness to that. My own brother is an addict and before I found out, I would run short of medication and blame the clinic until one day I caught him cleaning out my last dose while I was sleeping. And because I’m vocal about my status, I constantly have to make sure that I’m not being followed because the addicts would suspect that I have some precious cargo on me. I had my brother arrested for theft and attempted murder, he was found guilty on charges of theft but not guilty for attempted murder. Is it because the state does not understand the seriousness of this problem? What happens when I get robbed of my meds on a Friday night? That means I have to wait for Monday morning to replace them which give the virus ample time to develop resistance, especially if the pattern is repeated. It's sad, the very people who wore red ribbons and pledged to support us just a week ago are turning their backs on us today. The HIV battle is far from over.




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Hey girls, Rachal, Speaking to my brother is like hitting your head against a wall, coz he is high all the time. but i hope that will change coz he is in rehab now, and i haven't been to see him.


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Did you tell your brother how serious this is?, if so how did he react?


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Thank you for sharing this piece. What can I and others who read this do to bring attention to this problem?


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please don't spread misinformation about this drug. HIV drugs don't get people high, they stop people from dying. These people are all experiencing placebo effects/poisoning since rat poison is a main ingredient.


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Woonga addicts are under the impression that the arv's are what's giving them their highs. But medical proffessionals have confirmed that nothing in this medication can cause a high. These people are putting HIV+ people at risk because of their crazy misconceptions. They need a thrashing and to be thrown in jail where they can be helped.


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