World AIDS Day 2010: A Bunch of Random Thoughts

Submitted on Dec 1, 2010 by  jae001

~ You always see people wearing the red ribbon supporting AIDS awareness. I wonder when nobody’s looking are they worthy of wearing it.  Would they knowingly let someone in their home that is suffering from HIV or AIDS? Would they give them a place to stay? Would they eat food prepared by them? I find it interesting to see all these people up in arms ready to support someone as long as is from arms length. Why are we still dealing with prejudices?

~ HIV/AIDS is not a thing of the past. The faces have changed, but we are still dealing with the stigma every day.

~ I just read Kate’s interview. I just want to give her a big hug! Great Interview!

~ I figured my place of employment would bust out the red ribbons at least to seem like they support the community and people we take care of every day. I am not sure if I am happy they don’t pretend to care or irritated that they should fake it for the community’s sake. An employee at my work was overheard saying, “Why should I wear a ribbon, to support fags?” I wonder why I don’t tell anyone. Well there ya go. I am just thankful this person doesn’t take care of patients or have any interaction with the public.

~ I hope and pray one day everyone will have access to affordable medication. I hope everyone can feel safe knowing sharing their status with other people.

Thank my AGLM support system!


Submitted by celina5000

I'm never sure how to respond to any "special"day. For instance, breast cancer day, MS day, or any occasion where you are required to wear your support on your sleeve with the colored ribbon of choice. I think it's what you do and think where people can't see you that is significant. It's still a judgement isn't it? It's like saying: I wear this ribbon, I support you if you have AIDS.

Does that mean that not wearing the ribbon states the opposite: I don't support you?

I'm just not touched by the display of ribbons, denoting any cause, but if some people feel empowered by them then they should wear them; but I don't think the ribbons bear any great significance one way or the other.

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