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Well, as many know, I'm a woman diagnosed with HIV. After our initial diagnosis, at least two times per year, the doctor (infectious disease specialist) sends us to have two tests done – which are...
Submitted on Feb 21, 2020
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Bueno, como muchos saben, soy una mujer diagnosticada con VIH. Después de nuestro primer diagnóstico el médico (infectólogo) nos manda a hacer por lo menos dos veces al año dos estudios que son CD4 y...
Submitted on Feb 21, 2020
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When I finally understood that HIV is not an infectious contagious disease, I understood that I don't have to self-discriminate, I stopped seeing myself as a ticking timebomb, and began to befriend a...
Submitted on Nov 3, 2018
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Cuando por fin entendí que el VIH no es una enfermedad infecto contagiosa entendí que no tengo porque auto-discriminarme, dejé de verme como una bomba de tiempo y empecé a amigarme con un virus que,...
Submitted on Oct 30, 2018
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Me llamo Vicky. Soy peruana pero actualmente vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soy enfermera y madre de dos hijos, próximamente abuela a mis 34 años.
Submitted on Oct 4, 2018

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Get basic information about a variety of approaches to treating the metabolic changes that may result from living with HIV or taking HIV drugs.

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Lipodystrophy means abnormal fat changes. This article addresses treatments for fat loss, or lipoatrophy.

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Get basic information about lipodystrophy: body shape changes, metabolic complications, and causes and treatment of fat loss and fat gain.


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